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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
101388A Doll's HouseGosforth Civic Theatre15th October 2022Translator
101417A Doll's HouseTown Hall Bishop Auckland14th October 2022Translator
101416A Doll's HouseThe Fire Station13th October 2022Translator
101415A Doll's HouseGeorgian Theatre Royal12th October 2022Translator
101414A Doll's HousePrincess Alexandra Auditorium11th October 2022Translator
101413A Doll's HouseAssembly Rooms Theatre5th October 2022Translator
101387A Doll's HouseAlnwick Playhouse3rd October 2022Translator
101410A Doll's HouseThe Exchange1st October 2022Translator
101409A Doll's HouseThe Witham30th September 2022Translator
101386A Doll's HouseThe Main Theatre28th September 2022Translator
99771The Pillars of SocietyForrest Nickerson Theatre/Deaf Centre31st January 2019Translator
99404Hedda GablerHavant Arts Centre12th April 2018Translator
98704A Doll's HouseWalterdale Theatre11th October 2017Translator
91516Hedda GablerYvonne Arnaud Theatre8th May 2014Translator
94913Hedda GablerRoses Theatre30th April 2014Translator
91515Hedda GablerThe Theatre Chipping Norton29th March 2014Translator
91514Hedda GablerBuxton Opera House28th March 2014Translator
94912Hedda GablerStafford Gatehouse22nd March 2014Translator
94911Hedda GablerPomegranate Theatre18th March 2014Translator
94910Hedda GablerWyvern Theatre17th March 2014Translator
94909Hedda GablerStantonbury Theatre14th March 2014Translator
94908Hedda GablerThe Trinity Theatre8th March 2014Translator
94907Hedda GablerThe Castle4th March 2014Translator
91513Hedda GablerBrunton Theatre28th February 2014Translator
94905Hedda GablerMacrobert27th February 2014Translator
94904Hedda GablerAdam Smith Theatre25th February 2014Translator
94903Hedda GablerTheatre Severn12th February 2014Translator
88054Hedda GablerKey Theatre5th February 2014Translator
88053Hedda GablerSouth Hill Park Arts Centre3rd February 2014Translator
88052Hedda GablerUppingham Theatre31st January 2014Translator
88049Hedda GablerMillfield Theatre24th January 2014Translator
94936GhostsAdel Memorial Hall24th April 2013Translator
94730John Gabriel BorkmanHart Building in East Liberty31st January 2013Translator
94288Hedda GablerHartke Theatre11th October 2012Adaptation
87233Little EyolfJermyn Street Theatre3rd May 2011Translator
93448GhostsRiverside Arts Centre7th October 2010Translator
92998Hedda GablerOxford Playhouse29th March 2010Translator
92997Hedda GablerRoyal Centre Nottingham22nd March 2010Translator
92996Hedda GablerRichmond Theatre15th March 2010Translator
92999Hedda GablerTheatre Royal8th March 2010Translator
92994Hedda GablerTheatre Royal23rd February 2010Translator
93307The PretendersTheater at St. Clement’s30th November 2009Translator
93288The Wild DuckCochrane Theatre5th November 2009Translator
93056The Lady from the SeaBridewell Theatre14th July 2009Translator
82345When We Dead AwakenBredgatan 328th November 2008Translator
82344When We Dead AwakenKristianstads Teater27th November 2008Translator
82343When We Dead AwakenTeater 1, Riksteatern23rd November 2008Translator
82342When We Dead AwakenSagateatern18th November 2008Translator
82341When We Dead AwakenTeater 1, Riksteatern15th November 2008Translator
82340When We Dead AwakenPustervik11th November 2008Translator
82339When We Dead AwakenStadsteatern (Skövde kulturhus)10th November 2008Translator
82338When We Dead AwakenUnity Theatre23rd October 2008Translator
82337When We Dead AwakenVästerbottensteatern, Stora Scenen14th October 2008Translator
82336When We Dead AwakenVästerbottensteatern, Sagateatern8th October 2008Translator
92729GhostsPentameters Theatre30th September 2008Translator
91763Peer GyntLittle Theatre Torquay3rd June 2008Translator
92116Little EyolfStoke St. Gregory Village Hall5th April 2008Translator
92115Little EyolfKing's College, Taunton29th March 2008Translator
91762Peer GyntBovey Tracey Town Hall8th December 2007Translator
91761Peer GyntBradninch Guildhall7th December 2007Translator
91759Peer GyntMarine Theatre6th December 2007Translator
91756Peer GyntSandford Parish Hall5th December 2007Translator
91755Peer GyntMundford Village Hall4th December 2007Translator
91753Peer GyntTeign Valley Community Hall3rd December 2007Translator
91739Peer GyntCygnet New Theatre30th November 2007Translator
91695Hedda GablerGreenwich Playhouse6th November 2007Translator
92694Hedda GablerUniversity of Sheffield Drama Studio24th September 2007Translator
91368Peer GyntThe Minack Theatre30th July 2007Translator
91367Peer GyntThe Miller Centre5th July 2007Translator
86290Hedda GablerCanberra Theatre Centre12th May 2007Translator
91694GhostsHexagon Studio Theatre25th October 2006Translator
91575Hedda GablerBarons Court Theatre26th September 2006Translator
91189BrandTheaterhaus Rudi20th April 2006Translator
90787A Doll's HouseNew Wimbledon Studio28th February 2006Translator
90834Little EyolfKeck Theater, Occidental College16th November 2005Translator
76998A Doll's HouseBarn Theatre11th November 2005Translator
77033A Doll's HouseBrockley Jack Theatre1st November 2005Translator
77034A Doll's HouseNew Wimbledon Studio28th February 2005Translator
90378Hedda GablerIncognito Theatre8th February 2005Translator
76790A Doll's HouseGreenwich Playhouse7th December 2004Translator
88773Hedda GablerHarlow Playhouse18th October 2004Translator
91447The Pillars of SocietyMountview Academy of Theatre Arts17th June 2004Translator
90044The Pillars of SocietyJermyn Street Theatre29th September 2003Translator
89931BrandTheatre Royal Haymarket29th May 2003Translator
89950Hedda GablerProject Arts Centre21st May 2003Translator
89929BrandThe Swan Theatre18th April 2003Translator
89760Peer GyntArcola Theatre4th February 2003Translator
76731A Doll's HouseJermyn Street Theatre4th October 2002Translator
89309The Wild DuckA Noise Within5th April 2002Translator
90983The Master BuilderADC Theatre30th October 2001Translator
90470Peer GyntBattersea Arts Centre24th July 2001Translator
76799A Doll's HouseNew Ambassadors Theatre31st October 2000Translator
76798A Doll's HouseLowry Centre24th October 2000Translator
76797A Doll's HouseOxford Playhouse17th October 2000Translator
96917GhostsOld Red Lion Theatre17th October 2000Translator
76796A Doll's HouseWarwick Arts Centre10th October 2000Translator
76331A Doll's HouseLeicester Haymarket Theatre3rd October 2000Translator
76330A Doll's HouseEveryman Theatre26th September 2000Translator
76329A Doll's HouseClwyd Theatr Cymru12th September 2000Translator
75496A Doll's HouseNationaltheatret4th September 2000Translator
96359The Wild DuckThe Questors Playhouse9th October 1999Translator
81008Peer GyntRoyal Exchange Theatre11th February 1999Translator
95585The Lady from the SeaMIT Kresge Little Theatre7th May 1998Translator
87661Little EyolfThe Pit (Barbican Centre)10th December 1997Translator
87659Little EyolfPlymouth Pavilions11th November 1997Translator
87657Little EyolfTheatre Royal25th September 1997Translator
87658Little EyolfNewcastle Haymarket Playhouse25th September 1997Translator
87656Little EyolfThe Swan Theatre11th December 1996Translator
87515GhostsThe Questors Playhouse8th June 1996Translator
87395How to Live. A Radical Adaptation of the Later Works of IbsenWatermans Art Centre10th March 1995Translator
87296The Master BuilderRiverside Studios8th November 1994Translator
87100Hedda GablerPeople's Theatre24th May 1994Translator
98719GhostsThe Pit (Barbican Centre)31st March 1994Translator
86724GhostsGulbenkian Studio Theatre14th March 1994Translator
76765A Doll's HouseNew End Theatre1st February 1994Translator
86723GhostsThe Other Place31st May 1993Translator
75490A Doll's HouseNationaltheatret Amfiscenen3rd September 1992Translator
86668The Wild DuckMaddermarket Theatre10th July 1992Translator
86572John Gabriel BorkmanThe Questors Playhouse25th January 1992Translator
76590A Doll's HouseThe Duke of Cambridge Theatre7th January 1992Translator
86817Little EyolfThe Orange Tree Theatre10th October 1991Translator
86428When We Dead AwakenThe Promenade Theatre23rd March 1990Translator
91314The Master BuilderBristol Old Vic1st December 1989Translator
90848The Master BuilderBarbican Theatre21st September 1989Translator
86702Hedda GablerRichardson Studio Theatre6th April 1989Translator
86658Little EyolfStudio 1427th October 1988Translator
86629John Gabriel BorkmanThe Hole in the Wall Theatre27th May 1988Translator
86609The Master BuilderBBC 215th May 1988Translator
76966A Doll's HouseRoyal Exchange Theatre15th October 1987Translator
86220An Enemy of The PeopleNew Theatre19th September 1987Translator
86195GhostsBBC 214th June 1987Translator
86108Hedda GablerMaddermarket Theatre30th January 1987Translator
86145The Lady from the SeaTower Theatre24th May 1986Translator
86102The Wild DuckBirmingham Repertory Theatre22nd May 1986Translator
86052BrandCSC Repertory Theatre29th October 1985Translator
86017GhostsFocus Theatre4th May 1985Translator
85324Peer GyntThe Place Theatre25th February 1985Translator
85323Peer GyntDovecot Arts Centre, Stockton-on Tees21st February 1985Translator
85322Peer GyntOld Town Hall Arts Center18th February 1985Translator
85321Peer GyntStamford Arts Centre16th February 1985Translator
85320Peer GyntBlackfriars Arts Centre9th February 1985Translator
85318Peer GyntCaxton theatre and Arts Centre7th February 1985Translator
85981Little EyolfLyric Theatre Hammersmith7th February 1985Translator
85317Peer GyntNew Court Theatre, Christ's College5th February 1985Translator
85316Peer GyntStahl Theatre1st February 1985Translator
85315Peer GyntPendley Arts Centre31st January 1985Translator
85970The Master BuilderBelgrade Theatre31st January 1985Translator
85314Peer GyntLuton Library Theatre30th January 1985Translator
85313Peer GyntFermoy Centre28th January 1985Translator
85312Peer GyntEpsom Playhouse26th January 1985Translator
85311Peer GyntFareham and Gosport Drama Centre24th January 1985Translator
85259Peer GyntThe Trinity Theatre19th January 1985Translator
85257Peer GyntThe Strode Theatre17th January 1985Translator
85254Peer GyntSchool and Community College16th January 1985Translator
85253Peer GyntThe Plough Theatre15th January 1985Translator
85252Peer GyntThe Arena Studio Theatre10th January 1985Translator
85246Peer GyntThe Rose Theatre8th January 1985Translator
85237Peer GyntRecreation Centre, Tolworth4th January 1985Translator
76093A Doll's HouseTower Theatre10th November 1984Translator
86254Peer GyntGBS Theatre (RADA)16th October 1984Translator
85636The Wild DuckTrinity Square Repertory Company10th December 1983Translator
85384Hedda GablerTower Theatre6th May 1983Translator
81001The Wild DuckRoyal Exchange Theatre7th April 1983Translator
87010Little EyolfBBC 219th July 1982Translator
87000GhostsThe Hole in the Wall Theatre3rd June 1982Translator
77275A Doll's HouseThe Pit (Barbican Centre)12th May 1982Translator
86983Hedda GablerThe Questors Playhouse11th March 1982Translator
85604A Doll's HouseGulbenkian Studio Theatre23rd February 1982Translator
85040A Doll's HouseThe Other Place6th July 1981Translator
85025The Lady from the SeaPeople's Theatre16th June 1981Translator
98357The PretendersUniversity Theatre, University of California28th May 1981Translator
81000RosmersholmRoyal Exchange Theatre5th February 1981Translator
87215Hedda GablerHaymarket Studio Theatre20th November 1980Translator
87191The Master BuilderBirmingham Repertory Theatre24th September 1980Translator
87243Hedda GablerChesterfield Civic Theatre24th September 1980Translator
87192The Master BuilderWest Yorkshire Playhouse23rd April 1980Translator
84943Little EyolfHaymarket Theatre Leicester28th November 1979Translator
84915Hedda GablerUniversity Theatre, Indiana University12th October 1979Translator
97864The Lady from the SeaThe Roundhouse16th May 1979Translator
84033When we dead awakenNuffield Theatre17th January 1979Translator
97863The Lady from the SeaRoyal Exchange Theatre5th October 1978Translator
84489The Wild DuckYale Repertory Theatre, University Theatre10th April 1978Translator
84432Peer GyntBBC Radio 32nd April 1978Translator
84039BrandElizabeth Walsingham Kelsey Theater10th February 1978Translator
84035A Doll's HouseNeptune Theatre6th February 1978Translator
83897The Master BuilderJerwood Vanbrugh Theatre, RADA17th March 1977Translator
97680GhostsPeople's Theatre12th October 1976Translator
84998When We Dead AwakenCrucible Studio21st April 1976Translator
84928The Lady from the SeaCircle in the Square Theatre27th February 1976Translator
83575The Master BuilderNottingham Arts Theatre5th January 1976Translator
84663When We Dead AwakenLeicester Haymarket Theatre22nd October 1975Translator
84808When We Dead AwakenThe Watermill Theatre24th June 1975Translator
84806The Master BuilderPitlochry Festival Theatre19th June 1975Translator
84720Little EyolfAssembly Rooms18th March 1975Translator
84648Peer GyntDrama Theatre14th February 1975Translator
83835The Master BuilderThorndike Theatre, Leatherhead22nd October 1974Translator
83398GhostsGreenwich Theatre17th January 1974Translator
84537Little EyolfParade Theatre23rd August 1974Translator
83681John Gabriel BorkmanUp at the Stables, Manchester13th May 1974Translator
100667The Lady from the SeaBBC 1 (England/UK)5th March 1974Translator
97564Little EyolfTower Theatre30th November 1973Translator
97480The Master BuilderThe Octagon Theatre29th May 1973Translator
75340A Doll's HouseEngland17th May 1973Translator
84549RosmersholmGreenwich Theatre16th May 1973Translator
83936When We Dead AwakenCornell University Theatre29th March 1973Translator
84811The Pillars of SocietyGeorge Wood Theatre17th March 1973Translator
84675Hedda GablerBBC 1 (England/UK)20th October 1972Translator
84939When We Dead AwakenHampstead Theatre Club20th July 1972Translator
97416The Master BuilderTheatre Royal19th June 1972Translator
97413The Master BuilderAshcroft Theatre5th June 1972Translator
97412The Master BuilderAlexandra Theatre8th May 1972Translator
84790The Master BuilderHis Majesty’s Theatre1st May 1972Translator
84563Peer GyntCellar Stage Theater11th February 1972Translator
84561The Wild DuckLyric Theatre10th February 1972Translator
84349The Master BuilderRoundabout Theatre Company24th September 1971Translator
77059A Doll's HouseOld Auditorium, Worcester State College29th April 1971Translator
84199The Master BuilderThe Playhouse29th March 1971Translator
84195GhostsChicago26th March 1971Translator
84528Hedda GablerThe Old Vic27th October 1970Translator
76931A Doll's HouseRussell Street Theatre3rd August 1970Translator
84524Hedda GablerCambridge Theatre29th June 1970Translator
75618A Doll's HouseRussell Street Theatre8th June 1970Translator
75617A Doll's HouseCanberra Theatre Centre14th May 1970Translator
101158When We Dead AwakenEngland12th February 1970Translator
83637Little EyolfThe University Theatre, University of Calgary11th February 1970Translator
88363Peer GyntOxford Playhouse10th December 1969Translator
88089Peer GyntDelacorte Theater8th July 1969Translator
87893GhostsSt. Martin's Theatre23rd April 1969Translator
87869Hedda GablerThe Leicester Phoenix Theatre18th March 1969Translator
87874When We Dead AwakenDundee Rep Theatre19th February 1969Translator
88602Peer GyntPeople's Theatre11th November 1968Translator
76723A Doll's HouseTower Theatre25th October 1968Translator
88592When We Dead AwakenAssembly Hall of the Church of Scotland26th August 1968Translator
101127GhostsEngland17th March 1968Translator
88735Peer GyntBirmingham Repertory Theatre14th November 1967Translator
88671The Master BuilderPeople's Theatre10th July 1967Translator
89136Peer GyntThe Minack Theatre9th August 1965Translator
89097GhostsStage Sixty at the Theatre Royal Stratford6th April 1965Translator
89092Hedda GablerUniversity Theatre25th March 1965Translator
93862RosmersholmSchoenberg Hall Auditorium, UCLA2nd September 1964Translator
93818When We Dead AwakenTower Theatre29th May 1964Translator
93816Hedda GablerMaddermarket Theatre8th May 1964Translator
93508The Master BuilderBaird Music Hall, S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo4th March 1964Translator
101170Little EyolfEngland18th December 1963Translator
94075Little EyolfRoyal Lyceum Theatre26th August 1963Translator
94074Hedda GablerColden Center, Queens College of The City University of New York19th July 1963Translator
94036Hedda GablerCollege Theatre, San Jose State College22nd March 1963Translator
94021The PretendersTheatre Royal12th February 1963Translator
94177The Master BuilderNew Arts Theatre4th December 1962Translator
94176The Master BuilderAshcroft Theatre19th November 1962Translator
94162Peer GyntThe Old Vic26th September 1962Translator
94153Hedda GablerDundee Rep Theatre30th July 1962Translator
94147BrandTheatre Royal22nd May 1962Translator
94126An Enemy of the PeopleNottingham Playhouse3rd April 1962Translator
94274The Lady from the SeaGolders Green Hippodrome22nd May 1961Translator
94273The Lady from the SeaQueen's Theatre15th March 1961Translator
94243When We Dead AwakenDublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)9th February 1961Translator
94507Hedda GablerFourth Street Theatre9th November 1960Translator
95050BrandBBC Television11th August 1959Translator
95031BrandLyric Opera House8th April 1959Translator
95165John Gabriel BorkmanEngland19th November 1958Translator
101195The Lady from the SeaEngland24th August 1958Translator
101202The Rat WifeEngland20th April 1958Translator
95146Little EyolfLyric Opera House11th March 1958Translator
95145Little EyolfTheatre Royal3rd March 1958Translator
95143Little EyolfGrand Theatre24th February 1958Translator
76591A Doll's HouseBridge Lane Theatre1992Translator
97414The Master BuilderRoyal Lyceum TheatreJune 1972Translator
97415The Master BuilderKing's TheatreJune 1972Translator
99480The Master BuilderThe Questors PlayhouseMay 1984Translator
99478When We Dead AwakenThe Questors StudioMay 1975Translator
99482Little EyolfThe Questors StudioDecember 1983Translator
99484Peer GyntThe Questors PlayhouseNovember 1969Translator
99487A Doll's HouseThe Questors PlayhouseOctober 1972Translator
99492The Lady from the SeaThe Questors PlayhouseJuly 1975Translator
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