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VenueBbc Television, London, England
First Date11th August 1959
Primary GenreTelevision Production
Secondary Genre
    • Television
  • BBC, Presenting Company
502200Bailey, JuneJune Bailey379ActorA woman
502251Bailey, PaulPaul Bailey379ActorA peasant
502202Baker, HowardHoward Baker379ActorA peasant
502250Blanchard, JobyJoby Blanchard379ActorA man
502252Davies, LeonardLeonard Davies379ActorA peasant
502201Giorgi, AnitaAnita Giorgi379ActorA womanGipsy Woman
498666Hamlett, DilysDilys Hamlett379ActorAgnes
441915Jensen, Harald, Harald Jensen379ActorA peasant
502204Kavanagh, PatrickPatrick Kavanagh379ActorA peasant
502191Lorimer, EnidEnid Lorimer379ActorBrand's mother
502199MacKay, FultonFulton MacKay379ActorA peasant
489644Maxwell, JamesJames Maxwell379ActorEinar
502198McFarland, OliveOlive McFarland379ActorGerd
502190McGoohan, PatrickPatrick McGoohan379ActorBrand
502196McLaughlin, WilliamWilliam McLaughlin379ActorA peasant's young son
502206Page, JocelynJocelyn Page379ActorA peasant
502194Sallis, PeterPeter Sallis379ActorThe doctorThe dean
502207Spence, RoyRoy Spence379ActorA peasant
502208Sterland, JohnJohn Sterland379ActorA peasant
502193Wymark, PatrickPatrick Wymark379ActorThe mayor
499073Negri, RichardRichard Negri387Costume Designer
502249Roland, GordonGordon Roland376Designer
477937Elliott, MichaelMichael Elliott375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
431613Meyer, Michael,Michael Meyer378Translator
Production Nationality
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationTV drama production the first time in program record "World Theatre" on the BBC on August 11, 1959, at. 21.40. / Manufacturer: Michael Elliott / production built on FiftyNine Theatre Companys theater piece from the same year ( recorded here ). / Sources: / - The Internet Movie Database / - The Oxford Ibsen , Vol. 8, edited and translated by James Walter McFarlane, London 1977 / - The newspaper Verdens Gang (Oslo) 11 August 1959 (prior review)
Event Identifier95050
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