Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Hedda Gabler11th January 1936Recital Hall, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)14th March 1999Geffen PlayhouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler20th October 1936Colonial TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler2nd November 1936Hanna TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler16th November 1936Longacre TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler28th December 1936Erlanger TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler3rd December 1936Hindenburg TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)23rd September 1999Music and Dramatic Arts Building, Louisiana State UniversityUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)6th October 1999Washington Hall at The University of Notre DameUnited States 
Hedda Gabler22nd July 1937Maverick TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler9th August 1938The Surry TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler10th March 1940Pembroke College Brown UniversityUnited States 
Hedda Gabler15th April 1940Hanna TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler21st August 1940Theatre in the DaleUnited States 
Hedda Gabler29th January 1942Longacre TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler21st January 1943Recital Hall, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler12th April 1945The Kenneth Sawyer Goodman Memorial Theatre (The Art Institute of Chicago)United States 
Hedda Gabler30th April 1946Recital Hall, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)3rd November 2000Musical Theatre Works (MTW)United States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)9th November 2000Theatre IntimeUnited States 
Hedda Gabler16th May 1946Steensland HallUnited States 
Hedda Gabler25th October 1946Roosevelt High School (Auditorium)United States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)30th November 2000Main Theatre, University of CaliforniaUnited States 
Hedda Gabler24th April 1947University Workshop Theatre, Louisiana State UniversityUnited States 
Hedda Gabler26th April 1947Master Institute TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler19th May 1947Community Center TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler29th June 1947Gulf Oil BuildingUnited States 
Hedda Gabler5th August 1947Putnam County PlayhouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler17th December 1947Faunce House TheaterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler2nd February 1948Hanna TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler24th February 1948Cort TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler20th February 1948The Artillery Lane PlayersUnited States 
Hedda Gabler11th March 1948Haddon HallUnited States 
Hedda Gabler29th March 1948The Playbox Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler13th May 1949The Kenneth Sawyer Goodman Memorial Theatre (The Art Institute of Chicago)United States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)14th December 1903English TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)10th December 1903Opera HouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)5th December 1903Masonic Opera HouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)2nd December 1903The Weller TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)25th November 1903ClarksburgUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)19th August 2000Tyrone Guthrie TheaterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler (Hedda Gabler)6th May 2000Theater for the New CityUnited States