Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Hedda Gabler16th September 1907The KentuckyUnited States 
Hedda Gabler26th April 2018Black Box TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler2nd May 2008Odyssey TheatreUnited States1
Hedda Gabler16th May 1981Roundabout Theatre CompanyUnited States 
Hedda Gabler15th November 1910Grand Opera HouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler11th March 1907Bijou TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler3rd March 1965Blackstone TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler21st January 1943Recital Hall, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler29th October 2010Angell Blackfriars Theatre, Smith Center for the ArtsUnited States 
Hedda Gabler25th April 2000Athenaeum TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler14th February 1974CSC Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler17th September 1997T. Schreiber StudioUnited States 
Hedda Gabler28th April 1914Little TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler16th May 1946Steensland HallUnited States 
Hedda Gabler13th January 2012Company OnStageUnited States2
Hedda Gabler3rd December 1936Hindenburg TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler12th April 2000The Long Wharf TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler28th March 1993PBSUnited States 
Hedda Gabler15th January 1904Columbia TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler5th June 2001The Shakespeare TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler16th April 2009Commonweal TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler15th May 2013Capital StageUnited States 
Hedda Gabler27th February 2003Yale University, Whitney Humanities CenterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler21st June 2000Sag HarborUnited States 
The Henrik Ibsen Revival: A Doll´s House & An Enemy of the People17th October 2008John Waldron Arts Center Rose FirebayUnited States 
Hedda Gabler1953United StatesUnited States 
Hedda Gabler13th May 1949The Kenneth Sawyer Goodman Memorial Theatre (The Art Institute of Chicago)United States 
Hedda Gabler19th July 1901Columbia TheaterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler19th May 1947Community Center TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler23rd April 2003Angus Bowmer TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler20th July 1984Eddy TheaterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler23rd February 1962The Goodman TheatreUnited States 
A Hedda Gabler16th November 2017Wichita State UniversityUnited States 
Hedda Gabler6th April 2012Next Stage at Theatre MemphisUnited States 
Hedda Gabler28th June 2001Steppenwolf TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler21st August 1940Theatre in the DaleUnited States 
Hedda Gabler8th December 1965University Theatre, Department of Theatre and DanceUnited States 
Hedda Gabler9th July 2004STAGEStheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler3rd May 1906New Montauk TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler2nd February 192949th Street Theatre (Forty-Ninth STreet Theatre)United States 
Hedda Gabler25th February 1956Alley TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler8th April 1918Plymouth TheatreUnited States