Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Hedda Gabler30th March 1943Colwyn Bay Repertory TheatreWales 
Hedda Gabler15th January 1904Columbia TheatreUnited States 
Hedda GablerFebruary 1934Columbia TheaterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler19th July 1901Columbia TheaterUnited States 
Heart of Lightness - Søvnløs i Lofoten28th May 2014Colosseum kinoNorway 
Hedda Gabler30th October 1972Colonnade TheatreCanada 
Hedda Gabler20th January 1904Colonial TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler20th October 1936Colonial TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler22nd March 1963College Theatre, San Jose State CollegeUnited States 
Hedda Gabler26th March 1920College Auditorium at Oklahoma A. and M. CollegeUnited States 
Hedda Gabler15th September 1928ColiseoSpain 
Hedda Gabler19th July 1963Colden Center, Queens College of The City University of New YorkUnited States 
Hedda Gabler27th April 2006Cohen Family Studio Theatre, University of Cincinnati CollegeUnited States 
Hedda Gabler23rd February 2006Coger TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler27th June 2016Classic Stage CompanyUnited States 
Hedda Gabler25th November 1903ClarksburgUnited States 
Hedda Gabler2nd October 2007Clark Theatre, Dillingham CenterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler7th February 2008Clark Street PlayhouseUnited States5
Hedda Gabler26th March 1928Civic Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler29th March 2006Civic HallEngland 
Hedda Gabler23rd January 2003City Theatre of IndependenceUnited States5
Hedda Gabler13th January 2012City Lit TheaterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler12th July 2008City Lit (John Lyons Hall)England1
Hedda Gabler21st March 2013City Lights Theater CompanyUnited States4
Hedda Gabler24th May 2005Citizen's TheatreScotland 
Hedda Gabler3rd June 1970Citizen's TheatreScotland 
Heda Gablerová28th May 1984Činoherní studioCzech Republic 
Heda Gablerová14th October 1999Činoherní klubCzech Republic 
Heda Gablerová16th December 1996Činoherní klubCzech Republic 
Heart of Lightness10th November 2015Cinepalace RiccioneItaly 
Hedda Gabler27th February 2008Cinema-Teatro LumièreItaly 
Hedda Gabler22nd February 2008Cinema Teatro OdeonItaly 
Hedda Gabler7th February 2008Cinema Teatro "I Portici"Italy 
Hedda Gabler15th February 2018Cinema Le BalzacFrance 
Hedda Gabler7th November 2017Cinema KievUkraine 
Hedda Gabler26th February 1891Christiania TheaterNorway 
Hærmændene paa Helgeland28th January 1881Christiania TheaterNorway 
Hærmændene paa Helgeland10th December 1885Christiania TheaterNorway 
Hærmændene paa Helgeland22nd September 1891Christiania TheaterNorway 
Hærmændene paa Helgeland28th November 1870Christiania TheaterNorway 
Hærmændene paa Helgeland5th March 1884Christiania TheaterNorway 
Hærmændene paa Helgeland8th September 1890Christiania TheaterNorway