Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
A Doll's House26th April 2020BaltimoreUnited States 
خانهٔ عروسک (A Doll's House)3rd September 2017Baran TheaterIran 
玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou Zhijia)25th August 2020National Centre for the Performing ArtsChina 
Et dukkehjem9th September 2020Nationaltheatret TorshovteatretNorway 
玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou Zhijia)6th December 2019The Capital TheatreChina 
Nora (A Doll's House)28th September 2018Stadttheater BremerhavenGermany 
A Doll’s House24th September 2020Yale School of DramaUnited States 
Ett Dockhem10th October 2020NorrbottensteaternSweden 
A Doll's House29th October 2020Subiaco Arts CentreAustralia 
خانهٔ عروسک (A Doll's House)28th December 2018Iran Tamasha VenueIran 
خانهٔ عروسک (A Doll's House)11th September 2016Bazigah VenueIran 
خانهٔ عروسک (A Doll's House)15th December 2015Khaneye Namayesh - Art Faculty/Tahar MolaviIran 
玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou Zhijia)28th November 2020Shanghai Dramatic Arts CenterChina 
玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou Zhijia)11th December 2020Shanghai Dramatic Arts CenterChina 
玩偶之家·下集(A Doll’s House, Part 2) (Wan’ou Zhijia Xiaji)14th December 2019Shanghai Theatre AcademyChina 
玩偶之家·下集(A Doll’s House, Part 2) (Wan’ou Zhijia Xiaji)15th December 2019Shanghai LibraryChina 
A Doll's House2013United StatesUnited States 
A Doll's House17th January 1970EnglandEngland 
La Donna del Mare1922ItalyItaly 
Dolls26th October 2019PortugalPortugal 
La Dame de la mer28th November 2014Le PréO CentrartistiqueFrance 
La Dame de la mer27th January 2015Espace MalrauxFrance 
La Dame de la mer10th April 2015Maison des Œuvres Saint MartinFrance 
La dame de la mer31st October 2018Oriental VeveySwitzerland 
La dame de la mer11th November 2018Théâtre de ValèreSwitzerland 
La dame de la mer25th November 2018Casino Du BrassusSwitzerland 
La dame de la mer12th November 2013Théâtre Kléber-MéleauSwitzerland 
La dame de la mer28th November 2013Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, Grand ThéâtreFrance 
La dame de la mer18th March 2014Théâtre La PiscineFrance 
La dame de la mer2nd April 2014Théâtre de BeausobreSwitzerland 
La dame de la mer11th April 2014Théâtre du CrochetanSwitzerland 
La dame de la mer27th May 2014Theater WinterthurAustria 
La dame de la mer2nd December 2014Maison de la Culture de BourgesFrance 
La dame de la mer9th December 2014Bonlieu Scène Nationale AnnecyFrance 
Et dukkehjem5th March 2021Den Nasjonale SceneNorway 
La Dame de la mer30th January 2021BelgiumBelgium 
Nora: A Doll's house20th May 2021Theatre RoyalEngland 
A doll's house18th June 2021Ingatestone HallEngland 
The Daughter4th June 2015AustraliaAustralia 
Dobbel salto20th February 2006NorwayNorway 
A Dama do Mar1993PortugalPortugal 
Doktor Stockmann10th July 1989EstoniaEstonia