Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
A Doll's House21st February 2014Brooklyn Academy of MusicUnited States1
A Doll's House16th September 1891St George's HallAustralia1
Divoká kachna13th December 1923Divadlo na VeveříCzech Republic1
A Doll's House29th March 1992PBSUnited States1
A Doll's House15th December 2008Theatro TechnisEngland1
A Doll House3rd November 2017University Theatre, Department of Theatre and DanceUnited States1
A Doll House13th February 2013Brisbane Powerhouse TheatreAustralia1
A Doll's House6th January 2017Boston University TheatreUnited States1
A Doll's House24th June 1891Garrick TheatreAustralia1
A Doll's House19th April 1892Avenue TheatreEngland1
A Doll's House20th July 1891Hamilton Town HallAustralia1
A Doll's House6th September 2019Lyric Theatre HammersmithEngland1
Et dukkehjem / Ein Puppenheim16th October 2009Teatro Studio di ScandicciItaly1
A Doll's House8th January 2015The Court HouseEngland1
A Doll's House11th November 1890Theatre RoyalNew Zealand1
Et Dukkehjem22nd June 1900Theatret i TrondheimNorway1
A Doll's House13th October 2006Abbey Theatre StudioEngland1
A Doll's House10th May 2016Polonsky Shakespeare CenterUnited States1
A Doll's House10th December 1994EnglandEngland1
A Doll's House18th October 2016Workshop Theatre, Unversity of LeedsEngland1
Divoká kachna27th April 1912Divadlo na VeveříCzech Republic1
A Doll's House20th May 2020Lyric Theatre HammersmithEngland1
A Doll's House17th July 2014Seymour CentreAustralia1
A Doll's House29th March 1992United StatesUnited States1
Domov loutek (Nora)12th May 1944Pražské divadlo na PoříčíCzech Republic1
Directo Al Corazón/Straight to the Heart, flamenco ballet inspired by Hedda Gabler7th January 2012Carnival TheatreUnited States1
A Doll's House23rd August 1890Criterion TheatreAustralia1
A Doll's House1973EnglandEngland1
A Doll’s House (თოჯინების სახლი)25th December 2011Liberty TheatreGeorgia1
A Doll's House23rd April 1891Academy of MusicAustralia1
A Doll's House22nd November 1992BBC 2England1
Domov loutek. (Nora)11th March 1936Umělecká beseda na Malé straněCzech Republic1
Et dukkehjem / Ein Puppenheim8th October 2009Hafenhalle09Austria1
A Doll's House21st April 2006Salon Varietes TheatreSpain1
A Doll's House10th May 2017Kilachand Theatre, DUCTACUnited Arab Emirates1
A Doll's House23rd July 2012Concord Main StageUnited States1
A Doll's House24th August 1891Albert HallAustralia1
Divoká kachna17th November 1943Pražské divadlo na PoříčíCzech Republic1
The Doll's House16th April 1934Croydon Repertory TheatreEngland 
Et Dukkehjem20th March 1990Volda SamfunnshusNorway 
The Doll's House Project: Ibsen is Dead8th May 2014Athenaeum TheatreUnited States 
A Doll's House25th February 2004Quadracci Powerhouse TheaterUnited States