Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Nora/ Julie (Ibsen/ Strindberg)30th October 1986Théâtre Marie StuartFrance 
Nora (To spiti tis kouklas)31st January 1955Theatre Mochamet AlyEgypt 
Nora15th July 2004Théâtre Municipal i AvignonFrance 
Nora17th July 2003Théâtre Municipal i AvignonFrance 
Nora24th January 2006Théâtre National de BelgiqueBelgium 
Nora3rd November 2004Théâtre National de BretagneFrance 
Nora5th December 2003Théâtre National de Toulouse i Toulouse CedexFrance 
Nora's Doors26th November 2009Theatre of the Jesuit and Brother's Cultural AssociationEgypt 
Nora20th June 2006Theatre Peiraios 260Greece 
Nora13th October 1900Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
Nora1st March 1889Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
Når vi døde vågner16th December 1899Theatre Royal HaymarketEngland 
Nora (To spiti tis kouklas)10th March 1955Theatre SaraiTurkey 
Nora (Kuklen dom)18th October 2001Theatre SofiaBulgaria 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim29th January 1998Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (Salle Charles Apothéloz)Switzerland 
[Nora eller Et dukkehjem] (japansk)11th October 2000Theatre XJapan 
Nora (Kouklospito)21st November 1986Theatro 3is SeptemvriouGreece 
Nora13th September 1929Theatro AkropolisGreece 
NoraNovember 1945Theatro AlampraEgypt 
Nora12th October 1910Theatro AlampraEgypt 
Nora23rd December 1988Theatro AmaliaGreece 
Nora12th March 1928Theatro ApollonGreece 
Nora27th May 1923Theatro ApollonGreece 
Nora13th May 1928Theatro ApollonGreece 
Nora (To spiti tis kouklas)23rd December 1921Theatro ApollonGreece 
Nora30th December 1908Theatro ApollonGreece 
Nora (i To kouklospito)24th January 1906Theatro ApollonGreece 
Nora17th March 1942Theatro ArgyropoulouGreece 
Nora9th March 1953Theatro ArionasGreece 
Nora (To spiti tis kouklas)27th June 1930Theatro BelvedereEgypt 
Nora5th January 1926Theatro DionysiaGreece 
Nora14th November 1916Theatro DionysiadouGreece 
Nora i To spiti tis kouklas24th May 1901Theatro DionysiadouGreece 
Nora6th December 1917Theatro DionysiadouGreece 
Nora i To spiti tis kouklas11th March 1911Theatro FoskolosGreece 
Nora27th January 1909Theatro FoskolosGreece 
Nora (i Ena kouklospito)3rd May 2001Theatro Ilisia-NtenisiGreece 
Nora i To spiti tis kouklasJanuary 1912Theatro Kafalos eller Dimotiko Kefaneio ArgostoliouGreece 
Nora (Kouklospito)18th March 1989Theatro KampereioGreece 
Nora14th October 1989Theatro KnossosGreece 
Nora30th July 1912Theatro KyvelisGreece 
Nora i To spiti tis kouklas17th July 1908Theatro KyvelisGreece