Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
NoraNoraNora (NoraNoraNora)7th November 2004Theater RotondeNetherlands 
Nora (Nora)18th February 2005Theater Tri-bühneGermany 
Nora (Nora)5th October 2005Theater Tri-bühneGermany 
Nora (Nora)18th October 2006Theater Tri-bühneGermany 
Nora oder ein Puppenheim (Nora oder ein Puppenheim)4th December 1994Theater TrierGermany 
Nora24th January 1974Theater TrierGermany 
Når vi døde våkner2nd September 1990Theater WestendSwitzerland 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim (Nora oder Ein Puppenheim)6th December 2002Theater WinterthurAustria 
Nora (Nora)31st May 2002Theater ZuidpleinNetherlands 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim (Nora oder Ein Puppenheim)11th September 1999Theater AachenGermany 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim (Nora oder Ein Puppenheim)15th April 1972Theater AachenGermany 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim10th January 2014Theater AachenGermany 
Nora16th January 2013Theater aan de ParadeNetherlands 
Nora27th November 2012Theater aan het VrijthofNetherlands 
Nora (Nora)25th September 1986Theater aan het WaterNetherlands 
NoraNoraNora (NoraNoraNora)3rd April 2004Theaterboerderij Het Hek van de DamNetherlands5
Nora19th December 2012Theaters TilburgNetherlands 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim14th February 2012Theatersaal LängenfeldgasseAustria 
NORA oder ein Puppenheim (NORA oder ein Puppenheim)1st December 2012Theatersaal Uni BremenGermany 
Ningyo no ie5th September 2008Theatre Cocoon, BunkamuraJapan 
Nora/ Julie (Ibsen/ Strindberg) (Nora/ Julie (Ibsen/ Strindberg))14th October 1986Théâtre de l´AncreBelgium 
Nora26th December 1899Théâtre de la RenaissanceFrance 
Nora (Nora)17th November 2005Théâtre de LyonFrance 
Les Nouvelles Aventures de Peer Gynt20th January 2016Théâtre de Sartrouville et des YvelinesFrance 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim (Nora oder Ein Puppenheim)17th June 1966Theatre der StadtGermany 
Le Narcisse et l’Oignon3rd November 1994Théâtre des 13 vents (Theatre des treize vents)France 
Nora (Nora)1st October 2004Théâtre les GémeauxFrance 
Nora/ Julie (Ibsen/ Strindberg) (Nora/ Julie (Ibsen/ Strindberg))30th October 1986Théâtre Marie StuartFrance 
Nora (To spiti tis kouklas)31st January 1955Theatre Mochamet AlyEgypt 
Nora (Nora)17th July 2003Théâtre Municipal i AvignonFrance 
Nora (Nora)15th July 2004Théâtre Municipal i AvignonFrance 
Nora (Nora)24th January 2006Théâtre National de BelgiqueBelgium 
Nora (Nora)3rd November 2004Théâtre National de BretagneFrance 
Nora (Nora)5th December 2003Théâtre National de ToulouseFrance 
Nora's Doors (Nora's Doors)26th November 2009Theatre of the Jesuit and Brother's Cultural AssociationEgypt 
Nora (Nora)20th June 2006Theatre Peiraios 260Greece 
Nora (Nora)1st March 1889Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
Nora (Nora)13th October 1900Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
Når vi døde vågner16th December 1899Theatre Royal HaymarketEngland 
Nora (To spiti tis kouklas)10th March 1955Theatre SaraiTurkey 
Nora (Kuklen dom) (Nora (Kuklen dom))18th October 2001Theatre SofiaBulgaria 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim (Nora oder Ein Puppenheim)29th January 1998Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (Salle Charles Apothéloz)Switzerland