Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
A Dolls House24th February 2004Civic TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House25th February 2004Quadracci Powerhouse TheaterUnited States 
A Dolls House1st March 2004Theatre RoyalEngland 
A Dolls House8th March 2004Richmond TheatreEngland 
A Dolls House16th March 2004New TheatreWales 
A Doll's House16th March 2004Perth TheatreScotland 
A Dolls House22nd March 2004Theatre RoyalEngland 
A Doll's House31st March 2004Nuffield TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House15th April 2004National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural CenterTaiwan 
A Doll's House16th April 2004Fine Arts Hall Studio Theatre, Columbus State UniversityUnited States7
La donna del mare16th April 2004Teatro Cardinal MassaiaItaly 
A Doll's House21st April 2004Citizen's TheatreScotland 
A Doll's House28th April 2004Oxford PlayhouseEngland 
A Doll's House30th June 2004Queen Mother TheatreEngland 
A Doll House30th July 2004No Limits TheatreUnited States 
A Doll's House24th August 2004Rosemary Branch TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House28th August 2004Centrepoint TheatreNew Zealand 
A Doll's House1st September 2004Nationaltheatret MalersalenNorway 
A Doll's House5th September 2004Nationaltheatret MalersalenNorway 
Et Dukkehjem5th September 2004Nationaltheatret AmfiscenenNorway1
A Doll's House23rd September 2004Studio Theatre, Timms Centre for the ArtsCanada 
A Doll's House15th October 2004Watters Theater, Fine Arts BuildingUnited States 
A Doll's House28th October 2004Tokyo American ClubJapan 
Et Dukkehjem3rd November 2004NøtterøyNorway 
Et Dukkehjem4th November 2004LarvikNorway 
Et Dukkehjem5th November 2004SkienNorway 
Et Dukkehjem8th November 2004HaugesundNorway 
Et Dukkehjem9th November 2004StordNorway 
Et Dukkehjem10th November 2004KopervikNorway 
Et Dukkehjem11th November 2004SandnesNorway 
A Doll House11th November 2004Belmont Little TheatreUnited States 
Et Dukkehjem12th November 2004BryneNorway 
Ett Dockhem12th November 2004Göteborgs StadsteaterSweden4
Et Dukkehjem14th November 2004TonstadNorway 
Et Dukkehjem15th November 2004GrimstadNorway 
Et Dukkehjem16th November 2004Bø i TelemarkNorway 
Et Dukkehjem17th November 2004HortenNorway 
Et Dukkehjem18th November 2004SandefjordNorway 
A Doll's House18th November 2004Jacksonville State University Department of DramaUnited States 
Et Dukkehjem20th November 2004GjøvikNorway 
Et Dukkehjem21st November 2004OttaNorway 
Et Dukkehjem22nd November 2004LillehammerNorway