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Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
A Doll's House3rd April 1910Olympic TheatreUnited States, St. Louis 
A Doll's House4th April 1910Her Majesty's TheatreEngland, Carlisle, English Street 
A Doll's House25th April 1910The Nielsen TheatreUnited States, Los Angeles 
A Doll's House28th April 1910Theatre RoyalEngland, Leamington 
A Doll's House2nd May 1910Theatre RoyalEngland, Halifax, Southgate 
A Doll's House9th May 1910Theatre RoyalEngland, Manchester, Smithy Street 
A Doll's House30th May 1910Lyceum TheatreEngland, Sheffield, 55 Norfolk Street 
A Doll´s House14th September 1910Commercial Club Assembly HallUnited States, Hood River 
A Doll's House27th September 1910Kelly's TheatreEngland, Liverpool, Paradise Street 
A Doll´s House4th November 1910AtchisonUnited States, Atchison 
A Doll´s House10th November 1910LaBelle TheatreUnited States, Pittsburg 
A Doll´s House15th November 1910Grand Opera HouseUnited States, Topeka 
A Doll's House28th November 1910Theatre RoyalEngland, Exeter 
A Doll´s House8th December 1910Beldorf TheatreUnited States, Independence 
A Doll´s House21st December 1910Overholser TheatreUnited States, Ardmore 
A Doll´s House23rd December 1910Muskogee High SchoolUnited States, Muskogee, 3200 E Shawnee Rd 
A Doll's House18th January 1911New TheatreEngland, Cambridge, St. Andrew's Street 
A Doll's House1st February 1911Hastings PierEngland, Hastings 
A Doll's House6th February 1911South Parade PierEngland, Portsmouth 
A Doll's House14th February 1911Royalty TheatreEngland, London, 73 Dean Street 
A Doll's House6th March 1911Royal Court TheatreEngland, London, 50-51 Sloane Square 
A Doll's House7th March 1911Gaiety TheatreIreland, Dublin, S King St 
A Doll's House22nd April 1911Kingsway TheatreEngland, London, Little Queen Street 
A Doll´s House27th April 1911Hospital Circle of The King´s DaughtersUnited States 
A Doll´s House2nd May 1911The GrandUnited States, Greensboro 
A Doll's House12th June 1911Theatre RoyalEngland, Bradford, West Yorkshire, Manningham Lane 
A Doll's House28th July 1911United StatesUnited States, United States 
A Doll's House11th September 1911Opera HouseEngland, Coventry, 4 Hales Street 
[A Doll's House] (Japanese)22nd September 1911Bungei Kyokai StudioJapan, Tokyo 
A Doll's House11th October 1911ChicagoUnited States, Chicago 
Die Frau vom Meer12th October 1911Stadttheater MetzFrance, Metz 
Et Dukkehjem15th October 1911Humboldt Park Perish HouseUnited States, Chicago 
A Doll's House14th November 1911Grand TheatreScotland, Falkirk, Vicar Street 
Dzika Kaczka17th November 1911Cyrk na placu ŁukiskimLithuania, Vilinus 
[A Doll's House] (Japanese)28th November 1911Teikoku Gekijo (The Imperial Theatre)Japan, Tokyo 
A Doll's House (Japanese)28th November 1911Teikoku Gekijo (The Imperial Theatre)Japan, Tokyo 
A Doll's House27th December 1911Lyceum TheatreUnited States, Scranton 
Divoká kachna15th January 1912Národní divadloCzech Republic, Prague, Ostrovní 225/1 
A Doll´s House16th February 1912City Opera HouseUnited States, Frederick 
[A Doll's House] (Japanese)14th March 1912Nakaza TheatreJapan, Osaka 
Die Frau vom Meer26th March 1912Stadttheater HermannstadtRomania, Hermannstadt (Sibiu) 
A Doll's House28th March 1912Royal Court TheatreEngland, London, 50-51 Sloane Square