Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
A Doll House15th January 1981Mandel Hall, University Of ChicagoUnited States 
A Doll’s House15th January 1981Court TheatreUnited States 
A Doll's House27th February 1981Ohio State UniversityUnited States 
A Doll House25th March 1981University of MichiganUnited States 
A Doll's House22nd April 1981Colgate University TheaterUnited States 
A Doll's House6th July 1981The Other PlaceEngland 
A Doll's House12th August 1981Lakewood Civic AuditoriumUnited States 
Et Dukkehjem25th September 1981Det Danske TeaterDenmark 
Džon Gabriel Borkman1982KalugaRussia 
A Doll's House23rd February 1982Gulbenkian Studio TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House1st April 1982Abbey TheatreIreland 
Die Stützen der Gesellschaft3rd April 1982Altonaer TheaterGermany 
A Doll's House12th May 1982The Pit (Barbican Centre)England 
A Doll's House9th June 1982NIDA TheatreAustralia 
A Doll's Life - A New Musical23rd September 1982Mark Hellinger TheatreUnited States 
Die Frau vom Meer9th October 1982Stadthalle WilhelmshavenGermany 
Die Wildente24th October 1982Burgtheater (Akademietheater)Austria 
De unges forbund25th October 1982SkienNorway 
De unges forbund27th October 1982SeljordNorway 
De unges forbund28th October 1982DalenNorway 
De unges forbund29th October 1982NotoddenNorway 
De unges forbund30th October 1982AskerNorway 
Die Wildente31st October 1982Großes Haus at Düsseldorfer SchauspielhausGermany 
De unges forbundNovember 1982VossNorway 
De unges forbund1st November 1982DrammenNorway1
De unges forbund3rd November 1982RisørNorway 
De unges forbund4th November 1982KristiansandNorway 
De unges forbund7th November 1982VenneslaNorway 
De unges forbund8th November 1982LillesandNorway 
De unges forbund10th November 1982EvjemoenNorway 
De unges forbund11th November 1982MandalNorway 
De unges forbund12th November 1982FarsundNorway 
De unges forbund14th November 1982EgersundNorway 
De unges forbund15th November 1982KopervikNorway 
De unges forbund16th November 1982StordNorway 
De unges forbund17th November 1982HusnesNorway 
De unges forbund18th November 1982OddaNorway 
De unges forbund22nd November 1982TønsbergNorway 
Dzhon Gabriel Borkman24th November 1982Teatar «Salsa i smjah»Bulgaria 
De unges forbund24th November 1982HolmestrandNorway 
De unges forbund25th November 1982KongsbergNorway 
De unges forbund26th November 1982LarvikNorway