Name_SORTName FirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Ghosts7th May 1916Comedy TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts28th April 1917Kingsway TheatreEngland 
Ghosts31st May 1917Grand TheatreEngland 
Ghosts12th June 1917Kennington TheatreEngland 
Ghosts8th October 1917Grand Opera HouseNorthern Ireland 
Ghosts13th October 1917Theatre RoyalIreland 
Ghosts6th November 1917St. James TheatreEngland 
Ghosts10th May 1918MontréalCanada 
Ghosts7th February 1919Longacre Theatre (Little Studio)United States 
Ghosts20th November 1920University of North CarolinaUnited States 
Ghosts26th November 1920Everett TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts31st January 1922Broadhurst TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts6th February 1922Punch and Judy TheaterUnited States 
Ghosts20th February 1922Birmingham Repertory TheatreEngland 
Ghosts2nd April 1923The Charter Chroniclers of Chronicle HouseUnited States 
Ghosts13th October 1925Everyman TheatreEngland 
Ghosts1st December 1925Princess TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts11th February 1926Rockefeller HallUnited States 
Ghosts16th March 1926Comedy TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts13th November 1926The AuditoriumUnited States 
Ghosts27th December 1926Belasco TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts10th January 1927Mansfield TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts31st January 1927Illinois TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts28th March 1927New Park TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts11th April 1927Parson's TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts18th April 1927Shubert TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts24th March 1928Liverpool PlayhouseEngland 
Ghosts27th March 1928Wyndham's TheatreEngland 
Ghosts18th April 1928Detroit Civic TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts19th April 1930Everyman TheatreEngland 
Ghosts16th October 1930Citizen's Aid BuildingUnited States 
Ghosts26th March 1933Arts Theatre ClubEngland 
Ghosts1st April 1933People's TheatreEngland 
Ghosts16th April 1933The Playbox Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Ghosts5th May 1933Tavistock Little TheatreEngland 
Ghosts23rd May 1933Sutton TheaterUnited States 
Ghosts21st June 1933Music Auditorium, University of MinnesotaUnited States 
Ghosts13th October 1933Memorial Hall, University of North CarolinaUnited States 
Ghosts21st November 1933Alumni HallUnited States 
Ghosts16th March 1934International House TheaterUnited States 
Ghosts23rd June 1934Municipal HallSouth Korea 
Ghosts9th August 1934Maverick TheatreUnited States