Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Divoká kachna13th September 2005Divadlo v DlouhéCzech Republic 
Divoká kachna2nd October 2006Divadlo v DlouhéCzech Republic 
Divoká kachna13th September 2007Divadlo v DlouhéCzech Republic 
Divoká kachna13th October 2008Divadlo v DlouhéCzech Republic 
Divoká kachna6th December 1958Divadlo Vítĕzslava NezvalaCzech Republic 
Et Dukkehjem17th October 1990DombåsNorway 
A Doll House18th October 2006Donald H. Meyers Educational CenterUnited States of America3
玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan'ou Zhijia)3rd November 2006Dong-Fang XianFeng TheaterChina 
A Doll's House14th May 2009Donmar WarehouseEngland 
A Doll's House9th November 1892Dorking Public HallEngland 
A Doll's House17th December 1975Dorothy Somerset StudioCanada 
A Doll's House6th September 1897Dover Town HallEngland 
Et Dukkehjem8th January 1954DR (Danmarks Radio)Denmark 
Et Dukkehjem6th March 1956DR (Danmarks Radio)Denmark 
Et Dukkehjem24th September 1957DR (Danmarks Radio)Denmark 
Et Dukkehjem17th October 1961DR (Danmarks Radio)Denmark 
Et dukkehjem2nd December 2000DR 2 TVDenmark 
Et dukkehjem14th April 1974DR TV (Danish Television)Denmark 
Et Dukkehjem8th March 1994DragvollNorway 
A Doll's House16th October 2010Drama CentreEngland 
Dear Nora18th June 2014Drama Centre Black BoxSingapore 
A Doll's House6th September 2000Drama StudioAustralia 
A Doll's House15th September 1976Drama TheatreAustralia 
Et DukkehjemSeptember 1937DramatenSweden 
Et Dukkehjem3rd May 1939DramatenSweden 
Ett Dockhem10th November 2007DramatenSweden 
Ett dockhem15th May 2012DramatenSweden5
Ett dockhem24th August 2012DramatenSweden 
Divata patiza9th February 1977Dramatichen teatar Sava OgnyanovBulgaria 
Et Dukkehjem27th November 2004DrammenNorway 
Et Dukkehjem5th October 1907DrammenNorway 
Et Dukkehjem27th February 1880DrammenNorway 
De unges forbund1st November 1982DrammenNorway1
Et Dukkehjem22nd September 1966DrammenNorway 
Et Dukkehjem6th September 1989Drammens TeaterNorway 
Et Dukkehjem24th October 1956Drammens TeaterNorway 
Et dukkehjem13th October 2009Drammens TeaterNorway 
A Doll's HouseOctober 1996DublinIreland 
A Doll's House5th October 1993Dublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)Ireland 
A Doll's House22nd March 1965Dublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)Ireland 
A Doll's House8th August 2013Duke of York's TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House8th August 2016Duke of York's TheatreEngland