Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Die Wildente27th March 1987Festsaal GlarusSwitzerland 
A Doll's House21st February 1908Fifth Avenue TheatreUnited States 
Ett Dockhem1st October 1993FilipstadSweden 
A Doll's House16th April 2004Fine Arts Hall Studio Theatre, Columbus State UniversityUnited States7
Doll's House6th August 1920First Soviet Theater in the Name of LeninRussia 
Et dukkehjem18th March 1921First Unitarian ChurchUnited States 
Et Dukkehjem7th October 1989FjellheimNorway 
Et Dukkehjem4th September 1966FlesbergNorway 
A Doll's House1st December 1990Flexs HallJapan 
De unges forbund3rd December 1982FlisaNorway 
Et dukkehjem8th November 2009Flora SamfunnshusNorway 
A Doll's House19th November 1971Focus TheatreIreland 
Et Dukkehjem16th October 1907FolketeatretDenmark 
Et Dukkehjem27th August 1957FolketeatretDenmark 
Et dukkehjem6th November 2009FolketeatretDenmark 
Et Dukkehjem28th March 1985FolketeatretDenmark 
Dukkehjem - figurlig talt etter Ibsen23rd August 2011FolketeatretDenmark 
Et Dukkehjem5th March 1936FolketeatretDenmark 
Et dukkehjem5th January 1967FolketeatretDenmark 
Et Dukkehjem7th November 1956Folkets HusNorway 
Et dukkehjem27th November 2009Folkets HusNorway 
Et Dukkehjem14th September 1989Folkets HusNorway 
Et Dukkehjem26th October 1972Folkets HusNorway 
Ett Dockhem6th May 1971FolkteaternSweden 
A Doll's House2nd May 1938Forrest TheatreUnited States 
Ett Dockhem30th September 1993ForshagaSweden 
The Dollhouse15th September 2011fortyfivedownstairsAustralia 
Et Dukkehjem14th March 1990Fosnavåg KulturhusNorway 
A Doll's House20th October 1899Foster's Opera HouseUnited States 
Et Dukkehjem29th August 1966FotlandsvågNorway 
A Doll's House1st March 2018Foulds TheatreUnited States 
A Doll's House15th October 1971Francis E. Drury TheatreUnited States 
A Doll's House16th September 1987Frederic Wood TheatreCanada 
Et dukkehjem8th December 2009Fredericia TeaterDenmark 
Et Dukkehjem26th September 1909Frederiksværk TeaterDenmark 
Et Dukkehjem18th September 1907Fredrikshalds TheaterNorway1
Et Dukkehjem30th March 1990Frei GrendahusNorway 
Die Wildente17th February 1979Freie Volksbühne BerlinGermany 
A Doll's House19th September 1891Fremantle Town HallAustralia2
A Doll's House4th September 2015Fringe ArtsUnited States 
A Doll's House3rd February 2011Fritsche TheatreUnited States 
A Doll's House21st April 2007Fugate Auditorium - The Mountain Empire Community CollegeUnited States