Event Et Dukkehjem
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VenueDr (Danmarks Radio), Denmark
First Date6th March 1956
Primary GenreOther
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
    • Radio Production
  • Web: Ibsen.net
429623Grepp, Ole,Ole Grepp379ActorDr. Rank
429779Halset, Marit, Marit Halset379ActorMrs. Kristine Linde
434852Hansen, Juel ArvidJuel Arvid Hansen379ActorThe Helmers' child
434851Steen, Harald Heide,Harald Heide Steen379ActorTorvald Helmer
470508Kinge, Hans JakobHans Jakob Kinge379ActorThe Helmers' child
434596Rasmussen, Børseth,Børseth Rasmussen379ActorNils Krogstad
432816Rydland, Helga, Helga Rydland379ActorAnne Marie
434647Strømsted, Liv,Liv Strømsted379ActorNora
429931Heiberg, Hans, Hans Heiberg375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
434850Rusånes, E., E. Rusånes381Sound Designer
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further Informationr / 540 / Broadcast on DR Radioteatret (Danish radio) on 6 March 1956". 24 September 1957 and 17 October 1961. / Re-broadcast on 10 January 1954 and in Ibsen Year 2006 on 24 March." 25 March and 26 March on ""NRK
Event Identifier95634
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