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An Enemy of the People7th April 1980Oscar TheatreIreland 
An Enemy of the People8th November 1963Ransburg Auditorium in Esch Hall at the University of IndianapolisUnited States 
Enas echthros tou laou15th October 1943Theatro ArgyropoulouGreece 
An Enemy of the People1st January 1905Berkeley Lyceum TheatreUnited States 
Enemigo del pueblo8th November 2019Gran Teatro Nacional del PerúPeru 
An Enemy of People13th March 2010Emelin TheatreUnited States 
Enta GkamplerApril 1951VolosGreece 
Espectres10th October 2008Teatre PrincipalSpain 
Un Enemigo del pueblo22nd September 1961Teatro Orientatión at Centro Cultural del BosqueMexico 
An Enemy of the People13th October 1965Drama Theatre, Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts CenterUnited States 
Enemies/People13th June 2018Kalita Humphreys TheaterUnited States 
O echthros tou laou11th May 2006Theatro tis ImerasGreece 
Un ennemi du peuple15th March 2022Théâtre du TridentCanada 
An Enemy of the People22nd October 2013Liskeard School & Community CollegeEngland 
An Enemy of the People5th March 1980Town HallIreland 
Un Ennemi du peuple22nd March 1966Théâtre de la Maison des Jeunes et de la CultureFrance 
L'ennemi du peuple31st October 1990Théâtre Jean DuceppeCanada 
Un ennemi du peuple6th May 1998Théâtre National de la CollineFrance 
Enta Gkampler8th May 1940Theatro PallasGreece 
Espectros15th December 1958Teatro de la ComediaSpain 
Un enemigo del pueblo21st August 2003Teatro TobalabaChile 
An Enemy of People3rd February 2010Stewart Theatre, North Carolina State UniversityUnited States 
Un enemigo del pueblo28th October 1963Colegio Mayor Francisco FrancoSpain 
《人民公敌》事件(Event of Enemy of the People) (Renmin gongdi shijian)10th October 2014Enling Theatre, Nanjing UniversityChina 
An Enemy of the People11th October 2019Ashland University TheatreUnited States 
Espectres5th September 2008Teatre Municipal de PalafrugellSpain 
Ennemi public6th February 2013NEST - CDN transfrontalier de Thionville-Grand EstFrance 
An Enemy of the People21st September 2012Delhi Ibsen FestivalIndia 
An Enemy of the People22nd February 2018The College of Charleston Department of Theatre and DanceUnited States 
Un Enemigo del pueblo25th April 2006Escuela de Arte DramáticoSpain 
Den episke Brand3rd September 1998Nationaltheatret MalersalenNorway 
دشمن مردم (An Enemy of the People)8th October 2018Koomesh Theater City HallIran 
An Enemy of the People31st January 2017Tehran City TheaterIran 
An Enemy of the People16th March 1991Aberystwyth Arts CentreWales 
عدو الشعب (Ado Al shaeb)1967اکادیمیة الفنون الجمیلة Baghdad - University of Fine Arts (Akadimiat Alfnon aljamilat)Iraq 
Enas echthros tou laou16th December 1966Etaireia Makedonikon SpoudonGreece 
Enta Gkampler31st January 1940Theatro AttikonGreece 
An Enemy of the People18th October 2002Theatre 14 Smith CollegeUnited States 
An Enemy of the People2nd October 2018Old Fire Station Studio TheatreEngland 
Un Ennemi du Peuple9th October 2008MinskBelarus 
Espectres10th May 1894Circul de GranadaSpain 
Enta Gkampler27th January 1956Theatro PalladioGreece 
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