Event An Enemy of the People
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VenueJackson Gymnasium, Tufts College, 419 Boston Ave, Medford, United States Of America
First Date15th March 1913
Last Date16th March 1913
StatusProfessional Training Schools/Colleges
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
461086Babcock, Lester, F.Lester F. Babcock379ActorOther roles
461082Bisbee, John, BancroftJohn Bancroft Bisbee379ActorBilling
461075Chapin, OctaviaOctavia Chapin379ActorMrs. Katherine Stockmann
461087Colman, Roger, A.Roger A. Colman379ActorOther roles
461088Comee, Edgar, R.Edgar R. Comee379ActorOther roles
461090Crosby, Philip, B.Philip B. Crosby379ActorOther roles
461091Cross, Julian, R.Julian R. Cross379ActorOther roles
461092Dana, Alan, S.Alan S. Dana379ActorOther roles
461093Danver, Alan, T.Alan T. Danver379ActorOther roles
461080Davison, Russell, LeeRussell Lee Davison379ActorMorten Kiil
461094Dole, John, W.John W. Dole379ActorOther roles
461095Ellms, Carleton, W.Carleton W. Ellms379ActorOther roles
461096Fiske, Warren, M.Warren M. Fiske379ActorOther roles
461085Foss, Clarence, WardwellClarence Wardwell Foss379ActorOther roles
461085Foss, Clarence, WardwellClarence Wardwell Foss379Actora merchantMr. Vik
461079Garabedian, Carl, ArshakCarl Arshak Garabedian379ActorPeter Stockmann
461084Harvey, Will, CalvinWill Calvin Harvey379ActorAslaksen
461097Hayward, Alfred, W.Alfred W. Hayward379ActorOther roles
461098Hewitt, Earle, S.Earle S. Hewitt379ActorOther roles
461099Hinchcliffe, Paul, G.Paul G. Hinchcliffe379ActorOther roles
461100Holden, Dudley, F.Dudley F. Holden379ActorOther roles
461101Jenkinson, Egbert, W.Egbert W. Jenkinson379ActorOther roles
461102Lamont, Arthur, L.Arthur L. Lamont379ActorOther roles
461081Marshall, Edward, LesterEdward Lester Marshall379ActorHovstad
461103Maulsby, Francis, A.Francis A. Maulsby379ActorOther roles
461076Moyer, PaulinePauline Moyer379ActorPetra
461104Newton, Ralph, W.Ralph W. Newton379ActorOther roles
461105Pratt, Kenneth, M.Kenneth M. Pratt379ActorOther roles
461077Pulsifer, Alice, CookAlice Cook Pulsifer379ActorEjlif
461106Richardson, William, B.William B. Richardson379ActorOther roles
461107Sanborn, Ray, C.Ray C. Sanborn379ActorOther roles
461074Scott, Clinton, LeeClinton Lee Scott379ActorDr. Thomas Stockmann
461083Shute, Philip, CushingPhilip Cushing Shute379ActorCaptain Horster
461108Snow, Herbert, E.Herbert E. Snow379ActorOther roles
461109Stafford, Roland, G.Roland G. Stafford379ActorOther roles
461110Starkweather, Courtney, N.Courtney N. Starkweather379ActorOther roles
461078Wallis, RuthRuth Wallis379ActorMorten
461111Weaver, Frederic, N.Frederic N. Weaver379ActorOther roles
461112Wiggin, Sidney, C.Sidney C. Wiggin379ActorOther roles
461071Gott, CharlesCharles Gott387Costume Designer
461070Lewis, Leo, R.Leo R. Lewis375Director
461072Emerson, CarlCarl Emerson380Lighting Designer
461073Kelley, Walter, L.Walter L. Kelley380Lighting Designer
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
436465Farquharson Sharp, RobertRobert Farquharson Sharp378Translator
Production NationalityUnited States of America
Performance languageEnglish
Further Information2 Performances
Event Identifier82878
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