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An Enemy of the People2nd January 1980Seattle Repertory TheatreUnited States 
En Volksfind18th April 1991EnnetgrabenSwitzerland 
Un enemigo del pueblo25th May 2007Teatro JovellanosSpain 
Eyolf (Quelque chose en moi me ronge)12th February 2013Théâtre de l'AquariumFrance 
Emperor and Galilean, part I30th September 1972Clark Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States 
Espectros27th July 1973Teatro del ÁngelChile 
[Ellida - The Lady from the Sea]14th July 1994Benisan PitJapan 
An Enemy of the People31st May 2019Hastings Artspace Artist LoftsUnited States 
Espectres1st November 2008Teatre JoventutSpain 
Enta Gkampler24th April 1939Theatro OlympiaGreece 
Un ennemi du peuple5th November 1996La Comédie de GenèveSwitzerland 
An Enemy of the People9th March 2018Las Cruces Community TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of the People22nd October 2013Liskeard School & Community CollegeEngland 
Enta Gkampler25th March 1989Dimotiko Theatro VolouGreece 
An Enemy of the People11th February 1980Crescent TheatreIreland 
Un enemic del poble8th April 2005Teatre del MarSpain 
An Enemy of the People22nd April 1963Baird Music Hall, S.U.N.Y. at BuffaloUnited States 
Un ennemi du peuple20th June 1921Comédie-Française (Studio-Théâtre)France 
Enta Gkampler8th May 1940Theatro PallasGreece 
Espectros26th September 1997El CentroUruguay 
An Enemy of the People29th February 2020Gamut TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of People13th February 2010Edison Theatre, Washington UniversityUnited States 
《人民公敌》事件(Event of Enemy of the People) (Renmin gongdi shijian)10th October 2014Enling Theatre, Nanjing UniversityChina 
Edda Gabler1st January 1956Teatro ComunaleItaly 
An Enemy of the People15th February 2019Sitnik Theatre of the Lackland Performing Arts CenterUnited States 
Espectres19th September 2008Teatre de ManacorSpain 
An Enemy of the People17th March 1961Hilberry Theatre (Wayne State University)United States 
An Enemy of the People (armenian)13th February 1991The Gabriel Sundukian National TheatreArmenia 
An Enemy of the People21st September 2017The WherehaüsUnited States 
Un Enemigo del pueblo27th October 2006Teatro WagnerSpain 
Ein Volksfeind10th January 1907Stadttheater MetzFrance 
Ennemi public30th November 2010Comédie de BéthuneFrance 
An Enemy of the People15th May 2017Khaneye Namayesh - Art Faculty/Tahar MolaviIran 
دوژمنی گەل (An Enemy of the people) (Dojmny Gel)1995تیپی نواندنی سلێمانی Slemani performing Group (Typy nwandny Slemani)Iraq 
An Enemy of the People19th March 1895Chestnut Street Opera HouseUnited States 
Enta Gkampler31st January 1940Theatro AttikonGreece 
An Enemy of the People28th April 1998Olivier TheatreEngland 
An Enemy of the People11th May 2018Springfield Contemporary TheatreUnited States 
Un Ennemi du PeupleApril 2009ValleyfieldCanada 
Enta Gkampler27th January 1956Theatro PalladioGreece 
An Enemy of the People16th April 1991Lyric Theatre HammersmithEngland 
An Enemy of the People17th March 1980Summerhill CollegeIreland 
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