Event Byggemester Solness
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DescriptionTheatre-goers usually encounter Henrik Ibsen's works on stage in stripped-down versions. Depending on the cast and the directorial concept, they experience his plays filleted - certain strands from his textual organism are extracted and, in their abridgement, sharpened into a specific reading. We shine into the cave-like work of the poet with the small torch of our understanding and usually only go in a little way. The theatre of Vegard Vinge, Ida Müller and their team is the opposite of this process. Their performances of Ibsen's works resemble a slow motion of understanding. Instead of producing a line version of compact duration, their productions unfold the text in a marathon. Vinge / Müller's meditations on Ibsen's works pay attention to the smallest asides in his dialogues. Isolated sentences and words in the play are treated by the performers like lines from a poem, repeated over and over again in the performance until they speak for themselves. Every step of the characters on stage, every opening of a door is set to live music and the text does not sound from the characters' mouths but is played as a pre-produced sample. The extreme artificiality of this theatrical world surprisingly creates an encounter with something very real, because what is seen on stage is what it is and has the solid presence of concrete things, bodies, singing, piss, a digger, horse or wood.
VenueDet Norske Teatret, Kristian Ivs Gate 8, Oslo, Norway
First Date9th September 2023
Opening Night9th September 2023
Last Date23rd September 2023
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Interactive
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527710Aker, RoeRoe Aker379Actor
500615Balanza Martinez, EduardoEduardo Balanza Martinez379Actor
527698Brauer, MaximilianMaximilian Brauer379Actor
527707Ecker, JoschaJoscha Ecker379Actor
527706Haga, SanderSander Haga379Actor
527702Hverven, Pål MortenPål Morten Hverven379Actor
522237Johnsen, Dagny, BackerDagny Backer Johnsen379Actor
527705Kallset, JoJo Kallset379Actor
453213Kolaas, HaraldHarald Kolaas379Actor
451962Kristiansen, Petter WidthPetter Width Kristiansen379Actor
527711Larsson, Molly RaakMolly Raak Larsson379Actor
527708Lewe, EmilEmil Lewe379Actor
527709Martinsen, Ruth Emilie RustadRuth Emilie Rustad Martinsen379Actor
527703Pedersen, BernhardBernhard Pedersen379Actor
527697Read, AdamAdam Read379Actor
453211Reinholdtsen, TrondTrond Reinholdtsen379Actor
527704Seppänen, VilleVille Seppänen379Actor
527701Solem, LineLine Solem379Actor
527678Steen, Adam MantheyAdam Manthey Steen379Actor
527679Su, SofiaSofia Su379Actor
527700Thon, KennethKenneth Thon379Actor
433961Vinge, VegardVegard Vinge389Adaptation
426902Ibsen, Henrik JohanHenrik Johan Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Event Identifier101838
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