How to use IbsenStage

Display event map

Use the map to find events

From the Map Display you may filter the events in different ways.

When you have made a search, you can narrow the result by adjusting the timeline under the map by moving the grey label displaying the year. To see all details and go to the events, click Show details to the left under the map. From here you may click on Go to event and get access to all registered information.

You may search for a:

  • Work - entering one word from an Ibsen-title in the search field, you get the whole title and the registered performances displayed on the map. You may filter the result again by choosing Country and Contributor, and by adjusting the timeline.
  • Country - search for the country or region you are interested in.
  • Contributor - if you know the name of a person contributing to a specific event, you can find all performances he/she has participated in (actors, producers, organisations etc.). A search on Ibsen will include too many results to be displayed.
  • Language - find all performances in a certain language.

Use the search function

You may search using the different categories in the database. You enter some words for your search in the search field and define in the second field what you are searching for:

  • Events (default). An event is a discrete happening, defined by title, date and venue, typically a performance or run of performances at a venue. The search will retrieve a list of events matching your search words.
  • Contributors. A contributor is an individual who contributes to creating, performing or producing an event. The search will retrieve a list of matching contributors.
  • Organisations. An organisation is a group or company involved in creating, performing or producing an event. The search will retrieve a list of matching organisations.
  • Venues. A venue is a place where an event happens. The search will retrieve a list of matching venues.
  • Resources. A resource is a review, programme, photograph, video, book, article, collection etc. Resources record information about events, contributors, organisations and venues. The search will retrieve a list of matching resources.
  • Works. A work is the abstract conception of an event, typically a play script or score, distinguished by title and creator/s. The search will retrieve a list of matching works.

Sort results by

Select how you would like the results to be sorted.

  • Name: to sort events, contributors, venues and organisations by their name.
  • EventDate: to sort events in chronological order, most recent first.
  • EventFunctions: to sort by the number of registered events.
  • Resources: to sort by number of resources.

Restrict by year

Enter a year (e.g. 1999) or year range (e.g. 2002-2012) for the events or resources you want to find.


The word search is not case sensitive. Variations in capitalisation will not affect the search results.


The word search is flexible with diacritics. For example, searching for 'Francois' will find 'Fran├žois' and vice versa.