IbsenStage is committed to protecting the privacy of the individuals whose information is stored within the database.

Privacy for Artists and Authors

IbsenStage respects the privacy of the artists and authors whose work is the subject of data collection. We will respond directly to enquiries from individuals about the information concerning their work and the sources from which the information was collected. We particularly welcome contact from individuals who can assist in improving the accuracy and extent of information in IbsenStage.

IbsenStage collects information from generally available publications, such as newspapers, journals, books, websites, advertisements and theatre programs. In some cases, individuals contribute information directly to IbsenStage by forwarding resumes and submitting data online. In all cases, IbsenStage records the source of information used to create event records.

Where individuals have provided IbsenStage with information and the permission to publish that information, IbsenStage will store a record of the individual's permission and publish the information accordingly. IbsenStage will not publish or make available to a third party any information that may be considered private or that is not publicly available elsewhere.

Privacy for Users

IbsenStage respects the privacy of its users. Where users provide personal information to IbsenStage (such as their email address when registering as a user), IbsenStage will respect the privacy of this information and use it only for the purpose under which it was provided. IbsenStage will not pass users' personal information on to a third party.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy, please contact us.