Event Peer Gynt
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DescriptionPerformed at Rosemary Branch Theatre 29 September - 30 October 2005 (30 performances). Re-opened and performed at Hackney Empire Studio Theatre 30 January - 24 February 2007 (24 performances).
VenueHackney Empire Studio Theatre, 291 Mare St, London, England
First Date30th January 2007
Opening Night29th September 2005
Last Date24th February 2007
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
Shane ArmstrongActorA boyA child
Shane ArmstrongActorTravelling emissary
Shane ArmstrongActorA Priest
Shane ArmstrongActorA Buttonmoulder
Simon BalconActorBegriffenfeldt
Simon BalconActorThe cook
Simon BalconActorA manUnloved husband
Simon BalconActorA boyYoung lad with bottled brew
Simon BalconActorMr Cotton
Simon BalconActorBedouin warrior
James BentleyActorPeer Gynt
James BentleyActorHussein
James BentleyActorA look-outWatch
James BentleyActorAslak
James BentleyActorA boyYoung Lad with Strong Legs
James BentleyActorThe boatswain
James BentleyActorA boyYoung Lad with a Scythe
James BentleyActorSlaves
Gerard CanningActorThe helmsmanHelm
Gerard CanningActorThe Newcomer
Gerard CanningActorThe Troll King
Gerard CanningActorTraveller in a suit
Gerard CanningActorMonsieur Ballon
Gerard CanningActorMads Moen's father
Gerard CanningActorBedouin warrior
Gerard CanningActorThe farmer at Hegstad
Gerard CanningActorBachelor
Gerard CanningActorAn old manDrunk widower with money
Libby CurleyActorSpinster
Libby CurleyActorA FarmerFarmer's wife from the Upper Valley
Libby CurleyActorIngrid
Libby CurleyActorKari
Libby CurleyActorA WomanLady with a cheerful expression
Stephen DoranActorStatue of MemnonMemnon's voice
Stephen DoranActorA manGentleman traveller in a suit
Stephen DoranActorHuhu
Stephen DoranActorMads Moen
Stephen DoranActorThe Strange Passenger
Stephen DoranActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
Stephen DoranActorBedouin warrior
Paul EngersActorProfessor
Paul EngersActorHerr von Eberkopf
Paul EngersActorBedouin warrior
Paul EngersActorA thief
Paul EngersActorMilitary doctor
Paul EngersActorA Fellah
Paul EngersActorMaster of ceremonies
Paul EngersActorSea Captain
Paul EngersActorA manBragging father
Kristofer GummerusActorA look-outWatch
Kristofer GummerusActorAslak
Kristofer GummerusActorA boyYoung Lad with Strong Legs
Kristofer GummerusActorPeer Gynt
Kristofer GummerusActorThe boatswain
Kristofer GummerusActorA boyYoung Lad with a Scythe
Kristofer GummerusActorSlaves
Kristofer GummerusActorHussein
Katie HayesActorA girlGirl with a missing button
Katie HayesActorThe Newcomer’s wife
Katie HayesActorWoman in green
Katie HayesActorA girlArab girl
Katie HayesActorA WomanUnloved wife
Adrienne KressActorSolveig
Adrienne KressActorA girlMountain girl
Adrienne KressActorA WomanLady with a simple expression
Adrienne KressActorA girlArab girl
Adrienne KressActorA WomanLady traveller with a handbag
Lucy LillActorA FarmerFarmer's wife from the Lower Valley
Lucy LillActorHelga
Lucy LillActorQueen of the Caravan of Knowledge
Lucy LillActorSpinster
Lucy LillActorArchaeologist
Maddy MylesActorMads Moen's mother
Maddy MylesActorA WomanLady with a dry voice
Maddy MylesActorArab widow
Maddy MylesActorA WomanAmbitious mother
Maddy MylesActorMother Aase
Viola NewburyActorA girlMountain girl
Viola NewburyActorA girlArab girl
Viola NewburyActorA Lean PersonThe thin wife
Viola NewburyActorA girlChild
Viola NewburyActorA WomanLady traveller with glasses
Viola NewburyActorA girlYoung girl with dimples and plaits
Simone SaundersActorA girlMountain girl
Simone SaundersActorAnitra
Simone SaundersActorLawyer
Simone SaundersActorA girlYoung girl with a big bosom
Terje TveitAdaptation
Terje TveitAssistant Director
Federica ZurleniChoreographer
Terje TveitDirector
Finnuala McNultyLighting Designer
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Terje TveitTranslator
Production Nationality
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationJames Bentley and Kristofer Gummerus appeared as Peer on alternate nights. Number of performances: 54.
Event Identifier90726