Contributor Finnuala McNulty
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FunctionsLighting Designer
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
91943Peer GyntPleasance Theatre Islington30th January 2008Lighting Designer
90726Peer GyntHackney Empire Studio Theatre30th January 2007Lighting Designer
91045Little EyolfParken kulturhus12th March 2006Lighting Designer
91044Little EyolfTeatret VĂ¥rt10th March 2006Lighting Designer
91043Little EyolfRiverside Studios17th January 2006Lighting Designer
90724Peer GyntRosemary Branch Theatre29th September 2005Lighting Designer
75501A Doll's HouseNationaltheatret Malersalen1st September 2004Lighting Designer
76587A Doll's HouseRosemary Branch Theatre24th August 2004Lighting Designer
76586A Doll's HouseRosemary Branch Theatre10th February 2004Lighting Designer
90077RosmersholmRosemary Branch Theatre18th November 2003Lighting Designer
89797Little EyolfRosemary Branch Theatre5th March 2003Lighting Designer
89432Pillars of SocietyRosemary Branch Theatre2nd October 2002Lighting Designer
76435A Doll's HouseNew End Theatre16th April 2002Lighting Designer
76434A Doll's HouseRosemary Branch Theatre13th February 2001Lighting Designer
Contributor Identifier436963
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