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VenueDet Norske Teatret, Kristian Ivs Gate 8, Oslo, Norway
First Date9th January 2015
Opening Night9th January 2015
Last Date7th November 2015
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
452449Broch, Heidi GjermundsenHeidi Gjermundsen Broch (Heidi Gjermundsen Broch)379ActorGerdautumn 2015
453730Bygdnes, Ingvild HoltheIngvild Holthe Bygdnes (Ingvild Holthe Bygdnes)379ActorGerdspring 2015
452403Devik, Jon BleiklieJon Bleiklie Devik (Jon Bleiklie Devik)379ActorThe mayor
451290Haga, Paul OttarPaul Ottar Haga (Paul Ottar Haga)379ActorThe doctorspring 2015
451284Karlsen, Svein RogerSvein Roger Karlsen (Svein Roger Karlsen)379ActorThe doctorautumn 2015
435039Kittelsen, Agnes HildenAgnes Hilden Kittelsen (Agnes Hilden Kittelsen)379ActorAgnes
451291Langlie, BrittBritt Langlie (Britt Langlie)379ActorBrand's mother
451312Ousdal, MadsMads Ousdal (Mads Ousdal)379ActorEinarspring 2015
451122Reppen, IrenIren Reppen (Iren Reppen)379ActorA womanspring 2015
450707Schaanning, PerPer Schaanning (Per Schaanning)379ActorThe dean
453974Svartveit, MortenMorten Svartveit (Morten Svartveit)379ActorEinarautumn 2015
451333Tindberg, SveinSvein Tindberg (Svein Tindberg)379ActorBrand
453637Wang, MareikeMareike Wang (Mareike Wang)379ActorA second womangypsy
451287Woxholtt, NinaNina Woxholtt (Nina Woxholtt)379ActorA womanautumn 2015
451533Øyen, Ingunn BeateIngunn Beate Øyen (Ingunn Beate Øyen)379ActorA womanspring 2015
451707Berge, HåkonHåkon Berge (Håkon Berge)388Composer
427644Alsaker, John-KristianJohn-Kristian Alsaker (John-Kristian Alsaker)387Costume Designer
427644Alsaker, John-KristianJohn-Kristian Alsaker (John-Kristian Alsaker)376Designer
427857Bang-Hansen, KjetilKjetil Bang-Hansen (Kjetil Bang-Hansen)375Director
434623Amundsen, Carl MortenCarl Morten Amundsen383Dramaturg
434558Skjærven, TorkelTorkel Skjærven (Torkel Skjærven)380Lighting Designer
451947Rønningen, HansHans Rønningen (Hans Rønningen)391Musical DirectorDirector of choir
451539Berven, ØyvinØyvin Berven (Øyvin Berven)392Musician2. choral singer
451498Furuseth, Ola G.Ola G. Furuseth392Musician1. choral singer
451969Løvås, EspenEspen Løvås (Espen Løvås)392Musician1. choral singer
453008Olausson, HildeHilde Olausson (Hilde Olausson)392Musician5. choral singer
481467Ryen, GretheGrethe Ryen392Musician4. choral singer
454120Salthe, Eivin NilsenEivin Nilsen Salthe (Eivin Nilsen Salthe)392Musician3. choral singer
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
451366Reistad, JosteinJostein Reistad (Jostein Reistad)381Sound Designer
481482Hoem, EdvardEdvard Hoem378Translator
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian Nynorsk
Event Identifier90296
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