Event Die Frau vom Meere
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VenueLessingtheater, Friedrich-Karl-Ufer 1, Berlin, Germany
First Date19th January 1912
Opening Night19th January 1912
Last Date21st April 1912
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
443909Crusius, Lotte, Lotte Crusius379ActorBolette Wangel
436957Fuchs, Oskar,Oskar Fuchs379ActorArnholm
443114Grunwald, Willy, Willy Grunwald379ActorLyngstrand21 April 1912
444525Loos, Theodor, Theodor Loos379ActorLyngstrand
444169Lorenz, Christel, Christel Lorenz379ActorBolette Wangel18 February 1912
443750Lossen, Lina, Lina Lossen379ActorMrs. Ellida Wangel
436959Marr, Hans, Hans Marr379ActorDr. Wangel
438791Reicher, Emanuel, Emanuel Reicher379ActorArnholm21 April 1912
443591Rickelt, Gustav, Gustav Rickelt379ActorBallested
444357Somary, Paula, Paula Somary379ActorHilde Wangel
443908Stieler, Kurt, Kurt Stieler379ActorA stranger
427219Triesch, Irene, Irene Triesch379ActorMrs. Ellida Wangel1 and 21 April 1912
427218Lessing, Emil, Emil Lessing375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
443530der großen Gesamt-Ausgabe, Uebersetzung, Uebersetzung der großen Gesamt-Ausgabe378Translator
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Frau vom Meere, DieDie Frau vom Meere12494Lessingtheater, Friedrich-Karl-Ufer 1, Berlin, Germany1912-08-1889452
Frau vom Meere, DieDie Frau vom Meere12494Lessingtheater, Friedrich-Karl-Ufer 1, Berlin, Germany1912-09-2789255
Production NationalityGermany
Performance languageGerman
Further InformationRe-opening of production which premiered on 5 April 1911.
On 1 April 1912, the play was presented as the 9th performance of an Ibsen Cycle which comprised all of Ibsen's thirteen contemporary dramas. The last performance on on 21 April 1912 was presented by the Freie Volksbühne.
Event Identifier89250
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