Event Peer Gynt
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DescriptionOpening at Théâtre de la Balsamine, Brussels, Belgium; Tour in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Tour: 13. - 22.11.2003: Théâtre de la Balsamine, Brussels. 29. and 30.11.2003: Opéra de Rouen Léonard De Vinci, Rouen. 5. and 6.12.2003: Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam. 19. and 20.12.2003: deSingel in co-operation with Villanella, Antwerpen. 17.1.2004: La Ferme de Bel Ebat in co-operation with Opéra en Île-de-France, Gyancourt. 23.1.2004: Espace Saint Exupéry in co-operation with Opéra en Île-de-France, Franconville. 6.2.2004: Théâtre 71 in co-operation with Opéra en Île-de-France, Malakoff. 13.2.2004: Salle des Malassis in co-operation with Opéra en Île-de-France, Bagnolet.
VenueThéâtre De La Balsamine, Avenue Félix Marchal, 1, Bruxelles, Belgium
First Date13th November 2003
Opening Night13th November 2003
Last Date22nd November 2003
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
Ibsen Picture Archive
Ibsen Picture Archive
Ibsen Picture Archive
Ibsen Picture Archive
Kobe BaeyensActorhidden voice
Marianne PousseurActor
Pierre RenauxActor
Noémie SchellensActorhidden voice
Thaïs ScholiersActorhidden voice
Marianne PousseurAdaptation
Pierre RenauxAdaptation
Roeland GhesquièreChoreographer
Edvard Grieg (Edvard Hagerup Grieg)Composer
Christine PiquerayCostume Designer
Anna van BréeCostume Designer
Enrico BagnoliDesigner
Marianne PousseurDesigner
Enrico BagnoliDirector
Marianne PousseurDirector
Guy CassiersDramaturg
Enrico BagnoliLighting Designer
Marianne PousseurLighting Designer
Johan BossersMusical Director
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Enrico BagnoliProducervideo
Bart Van DammeProducerassistant
Veerle FranckeProducer
Christine PiquerayProducer
Marianne PousseurProducervideo
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Production NationalityBelgium
Performance languageFrench
Further InformationConcept: Marianne Pousseur, Enrico Bagnoli. Video: Marianne Pousseur, Enrico Bagnoli. Piano: Johan Bossers. Choir: Kobe Baeyens, Thaïs Scholiers, Noémie Schellens. Ensemble: Muziektheater Transparant in co-production with Théâtre de la Balsamine and Opéra de Île de France.
Event Identifier88071