Event Peer Gynt
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VenueAnthill Theatre, 199 Napier Street, South Melbourne, Australia
First Date14th November 1990
Opening Night14th November 1990
Last Date9th December 1990
  • Web: Ibsen.net
Jane ConroyActorBirds' Cries
Jane ConroyActorThe Newcomer’s wife
Jane ConroyActorHerd girl
Jane ConroyActorA girl
Jane ConroyActorAnitra
Hope CsutorosActorHelga
Hope CsutorosActorHerd girl
Julie ForsythActorMother Aase
Julie ForsythActorA girl
John HowardActorThe Troll King
John F. HowardActorHuhu
John HowardActorBegriffenfeldt
John F. HowardActorA Priest
John HowardActorThe farmer at Hegstad
John F. HowardActorAslak
John HowardActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
John F. HowardActorA thief
John HowardActorSea Captain
Jo KennedyActorSolveig
Jacek KomanActorA Buttonmoulder
Jacek KomanActorA voice in the darkness
Jacek KomanActorHussein
Jacek KomanActorMads Moen
Jacek KomanActorMr Cotton
Sam MalletActorA boy
Robert MenziesActorPeer Gynt
Louise NeweyActorKari
Louise NeweyActorMads Moen's mother
Louise NeweyActorBirds' Cries
Louise NeweyActorA Woman
Louise NeweyActorA girl
Louise NeweyActorHerd girl
John PenmanActorA Fellah
John PenmanActorThin Man
John PenmanActorMads Moen's father
John PenmanActorA boy
John PenmanActorA boy
John PenmanActorHerr von Eberkopf
Jennifer RobinsonActorWoman in green
Jennifer RobinsonActorA girl
Jennifer RobinsonActorIngrid
Jennifer RobinsonActorA Woman
Ian ScottActorThe Newcomer
Ian ScottActorThe Strange Passenger
Ian ScottActorTroll courtier
Ian ScottActorA Bailiff
Sergio TellActorA boy
Sergio TellActorMonsieur Ballon
Sergio TellActorThe cook
Sergio TellActorAn Ugly Child
Sam MalletComposer
Mary MooreDesigner
Jean-Pierre MignonDirector
May-Brit AkerholtDramaturg
Nigel LevingsLighting Designer
Hope CsutorosMusicianViolin
John HowardMusicianWind Instruments
Sam MalletMusicianGuitar and Caboodle
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
May-Brit AkerholtTranslator
Production NationalityAustralia
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationTrolls, birdcries, monkeys, lunatics, funeral party, crowd at auction, balls of yarn, withered leaves, sighs in the air, dewdrops, broken straws: the company
Event Identifier86535