Event Peer Gynt
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VenueAnthill Theatre, 199 Napier Street, South Melbourne, Australia
First Date14th November 1990
Opening Night14th November 1990
Last Date9th December 1990
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470278Conroy, JaneJane Conroy379ActorHerd girl
470278Conroy, JaneJane Conroy379ActorA girl
470278Conroy, JaneJane Conroy379ActorAnitra
470278Conroy, JaneJane Conroy379ActorBirds' Cries
470278Conroy, JaneJane Conroy379ActorThe Newcomer’s wife
470243Csutoros, HopeHope Csutoros379ActorHerd girl
470243Csutoros, HopeHope Csutoros379ActorHelga
470241Forsyth, JulieJulie Forsyth379ActorMother Aase
470241Forsyth, JulieJulie Forsyth379ActorA girl
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)379ActorBegriffenfeldt
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)379ActorA Priest
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)379ActorThe farmer at Hegstad
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)379ActorHuhu
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)379ActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)379ActorAslak
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)379ActorSea Captain
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)379ActorA thief
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)379ActorThe Troll King
470242Kennedy, JoJo Kennedy379ActorSolveig
470244Koman, JacekJacek Koman379ActorHussein
470244Koman, JacekJacek Koman379ActorMads Moen
470244Koman, JacekJacek Koman379ActorMr Cotton
470244Koman, JacekJacek Koman379ActorA Buttonmoulder
470244Koman, JacekJacek Koman379ActorA voice in the darkness
470246Mallet, SamSam Mallet379ActorA boy
431586Menzies, RobertRobert Menzies379ActorPeer Gynt
470274Newey, LouiseLouise Newey379ActorA Woman
470274Newey, LouiseLouise Newey379ActorA girl
470274Newey, LouiseLouise Newey379ActorHerd girl
470274Newey, LouiseLouise Newey379ActorKari
470274Newey, LouiseLouise Newey379ActorMads Moen's mother
470274Newey, LouiseLouise Newey379ActorBirds' Cries
470280Penman, JohnJohn Penman379ActorThin Man
470280Penman, JohnJohn Penman379ActorMads Moen's father
470280Penman, JohnJohn Penman379ActorA boy
470280Penman, JohnJohn Penman379ActorA boy
470280Penman, JohnJohn Penman379ActorHerr von Eberkopf
470280Penman, JohnJohn Penman379ActorA Fellah
470245Robinson, JenniferJennifer Robinson379ActorWoman in green
470245Robinson, JenniferJennifer Robinson379ActorA girl
470245Robinson, JenniferJennifer Robinson379ActorIngrid
470245Robinson, JenniferJennifer Robinson379ActorA Woman
470256Scott, IanIan Scott379ActorTroll courtier
470256Scott, IanIan Scott379ActorA Bailiff
470256Scott, IanIan Scott379ActorThe Newcomer
470256Scott, IanIan Scott379ActorThe Strange Passenger
470288Tell, SergioSergio Tell379ActorA boy
470288Tell, SergioSergio Tell379ActorMonsieur Ballon
470288Tell, SergioSergio Tell379ActorThe cook
470288Tell, SergioSergio Tell379ActorAn Ugly Child
470246Mallet, SamSam Mallet388Composer
431731Moore, MaryMary Moore376Designer
470289Mignon, Jean-PierreJean-Pierre Mignon375Director
427601Akerholt, May-BritMay-Brit Akerholt383Dramaturg
466148Levings, NigelNigel Levings380Lighting Designer
470243Csutoros, HopeHope Csutoros392MusicianViolin
437316Howard, John F.John F. Howard (John Howard)392MusicianWind Instruments
470246Mallet, SamSam Mallet392MusicianGuitar and Caboodle
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
427601Akerholt, May-BritMay-Brit Akerholt378Translator
Production NationalityAustralia
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationTrolls, birdcries, monkeys, lunatics, funeral party, crowd at auction, balls of yarn, withered leaves, sighs in the air, dewdrops, broken straws: the company
Event Identifier86535
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