Event En folkefiende i Oslo - av Rimini Protokoll
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DescriptionAbout the show: "What if you discovered rottenness in your town, what if you could prove where it came from, but knew that the truth would affect everyone's life and could damage or even destroy them, what path would you choose? Would you put your own comfortable existence at stake? / Rimini Protokoll has developed a presentation system in which 100 individuals are selected from a group to represent the whole group. In An Enemy of Oslo represents every person on stage 6132 residents in Oslo (the capital has a population of 613,285). Participants are selected on the basis of a number of statistical criteria (gender, age, urbanization, country of origin, living conditions). / In this way, the project reflect the way public opinion is formed on the: through peer pressure, the media, or through individual actions. / Rimini Protokoll has invited 100 people on the scene as a kind of representative sample of people from all levels of society, as the basis for a theatrical experiment. National Theatre scene is left to a statistical sample that does not have acting experience, and they have to take decisions on behalf of all of Oslo's inhabitants live on stage. They are a group that plays the role of the city, a choir who has never exercised before, a random device that combines and recombines in an endless series of dynamic interaction, they form volatile portraits of contrasts and conformity.
VenueNationaltheatret Hovedscenen, Johanne Dybwads Plass 1, Oslo, Norway
First Date23rd August 2012
Last Date26th August 2012
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
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453893Al-Khafaji, Ali, Ali Al-Khafaji379Actor
453854Andersen, Kent, Kent Andersen379Actor
453803Assefa, Fikrie, Fikrie Assefa379Actor
453881Ayhan, Dilek, Dilek Ayhan379Actor
453836Bakker, Tore, Tore Bakker379Actor
453877Berglund, Ine, Ine Berglund379Actor
453878Berglund-Castro, Kristoffer A.,Kristoffer A. Berglund-Castro (Kristoffer A. Berglund-Castro)379Actor
453856Biti, Hanne, Hanne Biti379Actor
453802Blyverket, Inger Lise, Inger Lise Blyverket379Actor
453811Borg, Merete, Merete Borg379Actor
453810Brenden, Bård, Bård Brenden379Actor
453896Chaudhry, Raheela, Raheela Chaudhry379Actor
453840Ebbesen, Ola, Ola Ebbesen379Actor
453862Enge, Sigurd Ørnulf, Sigurd Ørnulf Enge379Actor
453875Engen, Johanna, Johanna Engen379Actor
453845Espeland, Ernst Inge Dahl, Ernst Inge Dahl Espeland379Actor
453855Fagertun, Anita, Anita Fagertun379Actor
453834Faghihimani, Maryam, Maryam Faghihimani379Actor
453889Farestveit, Bjørn Johan, Bjørn Johan Farestveit379Actor
453800Fritsch, Andrew, Andrew Fritsch379Actor
453799Frostad, Terje Ahmed, Terje Ahmed Frostad379Actor
453885Gabrielsen, Guro Voss, Guro Voss Gabrielsen379Actor
453816Gammelsrud, Terje, Terje Gammelsrud379Actor
453871Gauslaa, Eline, Eline Gauslaa379Actor
453868Gjelstensli, Mimmi Marianne, Mimmi Marianne Gjelstensli379Actor
453895Gjerde, Lars, Lars Gjerde379Actor
453872Gonzalez, José Antonio A.,José Antonio A. Gonzalez (José Antonio A. Gonzalez)379Actor
453808Gripsrud, Astor, Astor Gripsrud379Actor
453849Hamre, Hans Jørgen, Hans Jørgen Hamre379Actor
453798Haug, Kristoffer Robin, Kristoffer Robin Haug379Actor
453815Hem, Jørgen Frøiland, Jørgen Frøiland Hem379Actor
453812Hem, Petter, Petter Hem379Actor
453814Hem, Tale Frøiland, Tale Frøiland Hem379Actor
453844Hoel, Marit, Marit Hoel379Actor
453850Holtskog, Karl Hamre, Karl Hamre Holtskog379Actor
453894Ilie, Tinca, Tinca Ilie379Actor
453874Irgens, Nadine Lehmann, Nadine Lehmann Irgens379Actor
453873Johansson, Niclas, Niclas Johansson379Actor
453843Kanbar, Aurora, Aurora Kanbar379Actor
453886Kifle, Michelina, Michelina Kifle379Actor
453804Klüwer, Ole Wilhelm, Ole Wilhelm Klüwer379Actor
453829Klüwer, Tone Kristine, Tone Kristine Klüwer379Actor
453801Knudsen, Geir Kristian, Geir Kristian Knudsen379Actor
453884Koren, Amalie, Amalie Koren379Actor
453832Koren, Leif Frimann, Leif Frimann Koren379Actor
453883Koren, Liv Amanda, Liv Amanda Koren379Actor
453805Kornmo, Tina Shagufta, Tina Shagufta Kornmo379Actor
453833Krogh-Nilssen, Martin, Martin Krogh-Nilssen379Actor
453838Lange/Ellingsen, Harald, Harald Lange/Ellingsen379Actor
453851Leffler, David, David Leffler379Actor
453847Leon, Sonia, Sonia Leon379Actor
453869Lindhjem, Henrik, Henrik Lindhjem379Actor
453866Mahamud, Abdi, Abdi Mahamud379Actor
453797Mahmood, Zenab, Zenab Mahmood379Actor
453825Martinsen, Siri, Siri Martinsen379Actor
453860Meier, Thoralf, Thoralf Meier379Actor
453813Moen, Lena Frøyland, Lena Frøyland Moen379Actor
453890Mohamed, Adnan, Adnan Mohamed379Actor
453809Nathan, Dag, Dag Nathan379Actor
453835Nebben, Kristin Bremer, Kristin Bremer Nebben379Actor
453827Nguien, Thu Huong Thi, Thu Huong Thi Nguien379Actor
453852Niespodzianska, Malgorzata, Malgorzata Niespodzianska379Actor
453853Niespodzianska, Nadia, Nadia Niespodzianska379Actor
453882Nilssen, Therese Marie Karine, Therese Marie Karine Nilssen379Actor
453842Osvik, Erik Baltzek, Erik Baltzek Osvik379Actor
453876Pangilinan, Rosario, Rosario Pangilinan379Actor
453870Pederstad, Helene, Helene Pederstad379Actor
453831Pettersen, Mette, Mette Pettersen379Actor
453830Pettersen, Tom Erik, Tom Erik Pettersen379Actor
453867Pizarro, Gabriella, Gabriella Pizarro379Actor
453857Porsanger, Raisa, Raisa Porsanger379Actor
453846Portvik, Tora, Tora Portvik379Actor
453837Rickter-Svendsen, Egil, Egil Rickter-Svendsen379Actor
453822Roum, Børge, Børge Roum379Actor
453824Rugsveen, Elena, Elena Rugsveen379Actor
453823Rugsveen, Mattias, Mattias Rugsveen379Actor
453841Rushiti, Albert, Albert Rushiti379Actor
453892Singh, Surjit, Surjit Singh379Actor
453848Skram, Maiken, Maiken Skram379Actor
453806Soggiu, Anna-Sabina L.,Anna-Sabina L. Soggiu (Anna-Sabina L. Soggiu)379Actor
453839Solberg, Carl Oddvar, Carl Oddvar Solberg379Actor
453828Steinfeld, Karen, Karen Steinfeld379Actor
453879Sterri, Aksel Braanen, Aksel Braanen Sterri379Actor
453807Strand, Anne Ma, Anne Ma Strand379Actor
453858Sunde, Marianne, Marianne Sunde379Actor
453821Svarød, Benjamin, Benjamin Svarød379Actor
453887Swara, Shna, Shna Swara379Actor
453826Tehrani, Mahsa Mansoori, Mahsa Mansoori Tehrani379Actor
453864Thorsteinsen, Torkil, Torkil Thorsteinsen379Actor
453863Tonna, Kjersti, Kjersti Tonna379Actor
453819Troye, Carl August B.,Carl August B. Troye (Carl August B. Troye)379Actor
453820Troye, Johan Nicolai B.,Johan Nicolai B. Troye (Johan Nicolai B. Troye)379Actor
453817Troye, Pål, Pål Troye379Actor
453818Troye, Rakel, Rakel Troye379Actor
453865Unamba, Uzoamaka, Uzoamaka Unamba379Actor
453859Utgård, Rolf, Rolf Utgård379Actor
453888Vinje, Kristin, Kristin Vinje379Actor
453891Winther, Marja Kaarina, Marja Kaarina Winther379Actor
453861Zamour, Aimane, Aimane Zamour379Actor
453880Øvstetun, Hallgeir, Hallgeir Øvstetun379Actor
453786Haug, Helgard, Helgard Haug389Adaptation
453787Wetzel, Daniel, Daniel Wetzel389Adaptation
453790Ellingsen, Harald, Harald Ellingsen388ComposerBøyen Beng
453795Ruud, Monica, Monica Ruud388Composer(live band)
453793Sarsten, Ragnhild, Ragnhild Sarsten388ComposerBøyen Beng
453791Starbo, Silja, Silja Starbo388ComposerBøyen Beng
453794Storkås, Kenneth, Kenneth Storkås388Composer(live band)
453792Wik, Harald Lykseth, Harald Lykseth Wik388ComposerBøyen Beng
453788Jungreithmeier, Marc, Marc Jungreithmeier376Designer
453789Mazur, Mascha, Mascha Mazur376Designer
453786Haug, Helgard, Helgard Haug375Director
453787Wetzel, Daniel, Daniel Wetzel375Director
453796Forberg, Siri, Siri Forberg383Dramaturg
452176Kjeldstadli, Mari Vatne, Mari Vatne Kjeldstadli383Dramaturg
453788Jungreithmeier, Marc, Marc Jungreithmeier380Lighting Designer
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationLanguage: Norwegian / 4 Performances / Concept and script: Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel / Research and casting team: Magnus Bratten, Siri Forberg, Tor-Ivar Hagen, Birgitte Larsen, Anneke von der Lippe / Opening Performance of Ibsen Festival 2012.
Event Identifier82573
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