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DescriptionIn the Ibsen machine we meet characters from Ibsen's universe in unfamiliar ways. The main character is Oswald from Ghosts. His text is new, written by Sebastian Hartmann, translated by Øyvind Berg. (...) Oswald is on his way home from Paris to Norway in his Mercedes. He is so ill that he can not work anymore. Life passes in cabaret as he races north on autobahn. Hartmann and the ensemble has focused on, among others, the following areas of Ibsen's plays: The dead child, parent / child, family, faith, determination, freedom, work, truth and the question: Why do I live? "
VenueNationaltheatret Hovedscenen, Johanne Dybwads Plass 1, Oslo, Norway
First Date26th August 2010
Last Date11th November 2010
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
434498Armand, Frøydis, Frøydis Armand379ActorOther roles
450688Ottesen, Marian Saastad, Marian Saastad Ottesen379ActorOther roles
452373Rafaelsen, Henrik, Henrik Rafaelsen379ActorOther roles
450789Remlov, Kai, Kai Remlov379ActorOther roles
432871Sandal, Kjersti Botn, Kjersti Botn Sandal379ActorOsvald Alving
435037Skjelbred, Ole Johan, Ole Johan Skjelbred379ActorOther roles
434624von der Lippe, Anneke, Anneke von der Lippe379ActorOther roles
435025Wiggen, Trine, Trine Wiggen379ActorOther roles
453478Binetti, Steve, Steve Binetti388ComposerSoundtrack
453476Peretzki, Adriana Braga, Adriana Braga Peretzki387Costume Designer
452368Münzner, Susanne, Susanne Münzner376Designer
452367Hartmann, Sebastian, Sebastian Hartmann375Director
452165Tørressen, Hege Randi, Hege Randi Tørressen383Dramaturg
453477Baumgarte, Lothar, Lothar Baumgarte380Lighting Designer
427665Andersen, Annikka N.,Annikka N. Andersen (Annikka N. Andersen)377Mask Maker
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further Information26 Performances. / About Ibsen machine in the program booklet: "The show was commissioned on the occasion of Ibsen festival's 20th anniversary. Idea was that Sebastian Hartmann would create an Ibsen cavalcade., He responded with an Ibsen machine, thematically inspired by a variety of Henrik Ibsen's most famous pieces. / About the production on the website of the theatre: "This year’s International Ibsen Festival opens with a production that is thematically based on several of Ibsen’s contemporary dramas. In addition, Sebastian Hartmann has written a new script, translated by Øyvind Berg. The principal character is Osvald from Ghosts. Hartmann creates unexpected encounters between Ibsen’s characters, who lead separate lives. The scenographic playground is designed by Susanne Münzner — his regular set design partner. Together with Hartmann’s reconstruction of the scripts and Steve Binetti’s specially composed music, the physical construction forms the basis of the ensemble’s creative process."
Event Identifier82498
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