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DescriptionPerformed 22 - 25 May 2008 (4 performances) at Den Nationale Scene at Festspillene i Bergen. / Performed at Nationaltheatret (Hovedscenen) in Oslo 2 - 7 June 2008 (4 performances). Re-opening at the Ibsen Stage Festival at Nationaltheatret on 31 August 2008 and performed until 10 January 2009.
VenueDen Nationale Scene, Engen 1, Bergen, Norway
First Date22nd May 2008
Opening Night22nd May 2008
Last Date25th May 2008
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
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434498Armand, FrøydisFrøydis Armand (Frøydis Armand)379ActorBrand's mother
453028Bijmolen, KamillaKamilla Bijmolen (Kamilla Bijmolen)379ActorFarmers' children
452451Bjerke, Espen ReboliEspen Reboli Bjerke (Espen Reboli Bjerke)379ActorA young man
453024Bonnevie, MariaMaria Bonnevie (Maria Bonnevie)379ActorAgnes
453042Cockman, CamillaCamilla Cockman (Camilla Cockman)379ActorThe invisible choir
453041Dagfinrud, Henrik SandHenrik Sand Dagfinrud (Henrik Sand Dagfinrud)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
453040Djupang, Vigmund GundersenVigmund Gundersen Djupang (Vigmund Gundersen Djupang)379ActorThe invisible choir
453039Fossholm, OsvaldOsvald Fossholm (Osvald Fossholm)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
453030Gjersvik, JonasJonas Gjersvik (Jonas Gjersvik)379ActorFarmers' children
438687Harr, ThorbjørnThorbjørn Harr (Thorbjørn Harr)379ActorEinar
453038Henriksen, Guro LødemelGuro Lødemel Henriksen (Guro Lødemel Henriksen)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
430076Hivju, ErikErik Hivju (Erik Hivju)379ActorThe mayor
453026Hogstad, Ole FlockOle Flock Hogstad (Ole Flock Hogstad)379ActorAlf
450993Holmen, KjerstiKjersti Holmen (Kjersti Holmen)379ActorGerd
453027Hudson, Anna AarhusAnna Aarhus Hudson (Anna Aarhus Hudson)379ActorFarmers' children
450802Hårstad, JanJan Hårstad (Jan Hårstad)379ActorThe politician
453037Isdal, LarsLars Isdal (Lars Isdal)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
451339Jansen, Ine FinholtIne Finholt Jansen (Ine Finholt Jansen)379ActorA woman
453036Kronen, BeateBeate Kronen (Beate Kronen)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
453035Nilsen, Nils Georg HauglandNils Georg Haugland Nilsen (Nils Georg Haugland Nilsen)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
453034Nilsen, SiriSiri Nilsen (Siri Nilsen)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
450784Nordin, SvenSven Nordin (Sven Nordin)379ActorBrand
432518Ramstad, HåkonHåkon Ramstad (Håkon Ramstad)379ActorThe doctor
452527Røise, Jan GunnarJan Gunnar Røise (Jan Gunnar Røise)379ActorA man
453031Sandve, Jon BjørnarJon Bjørnar Sandve (Jon Bjørnar Sandve)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
453029Smestad, HelgaHelga Smestad (Helga Smestad)379ActorFarmers' children
453025Steckmest, KnutKnut Steckmest (Knut Steckmest)379ActorAlf
453033Vik, Hege EideHege Eide Vik (Hege Eide Vik)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
453032Vogt, KirstiKirsti Vogt (Kirsti Vogt)379ActorThe invisible choirChorus
452627Bieito, CalixtoCalixto Bieito (Calixto Bieito)389Adaptation
433374Stahl, GerdGerd Stahl (Gerd Stahl)389Adaptation
451863Revholt, Per Chr.Per Christian Revholt (Per Chr. Revholt)395Conductor
430877Krügler, IngoIngo Krügler (Ingo Krügler)387Costume Designer
453022Ringst, RebeccaRebecca Ringst (Rebecca Ringst)376Designer
452627Bieito, CalixtoCalixto Bieito (Calixto Bieito)375Director
433374Stahl, GerdGerd Stahl (Gerd Stahl)383Dramaturg
453023Traub, ReinhardReinhard Traub (Reinhard Traub)380Lighting Designer
452761Sharp, EvaEva Sharp (Eva Sharp)377Mask Maker
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationCo-production Festspillene i Bergen and Nationaltheatret. / Scheduled performances in Bergen 26 May and in Oslo 29, 30 and 31 May 2008 were cancelled.
Event Identifier82303
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