Contributor Per Christian Revholt (Per Chr. Revholt)
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FunctionsComposer, Conductor, Musician
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
100578VildandenJohanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo, Norway10th September 2020Musical Director
82305BrandJohanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo, Norway31st August 2008Conductor
82304BrandJohanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo, Norway2nd June 2008Conductor
82303BrandEngen 1, Bergen, Norway22nd May 2008Conductor
75647Et Dukkehjem2700 F Street Northwest, Washington D.C., United States15th December 2000Composer
76833Et DukkehjemJohanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo, Norway24th November 2000Composer
81561De unges forbundJohanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo, Norway31st August 2000Composer
75646Et DukkehjemGrindlay St, Edinburgh, Scotland3rd August 2000Composer
75645Et DukkehjemSkien, Norway18th March 2000Composer
75648Et DukkehjemJohanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo, Norway14th October 1999Composer
87859Peer Gynt66 The Cut Waterloo, London, England30th August 1995Composer
87858Peer GyntBarras Bridge, Newcastle, England20th February 1995Composer
87103Peer GyntWaterside, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England27th April 1994Composer
80968Peer GyntEngen 1, Bergen, Norway29th May 1991Musician
75616Et DukkehjemHallunda, Sweden29th October 1990Musical Director
75615Et DukkehjemUmeå, Sweden26th October 1990Musical Director
75614Et DukkehjemLørenskog, Norway22nd October 1990Musical Director
75613Et DukkehjemReinsvoll, Norway21st October 1990Musical Director
75612Et DukkehjemMoelv, Norway19th October 1990Musical Director
75611Et DukkehjemOtta, Norway18th October 1990Musical Director
75610Et DukkehjemDombås, Norway17th October 1990Musical Director
77463Et DukkehjemVågåmo, Norway16th October 1990Musical Director
75607Et DukkehjemLom, Norway15th October 1990Musical Director
75606Et DukkehjemLillehammer, Norway14th October 1990Musical Director
75605Et DukkehjemKirkenes, Norway9th October 1990Musical Director
75604Et DukkehjemVadsø, Norway8th October 1990Musical Director
75603Et DukkehjemTana, Norway7th October 1990Musical Director
75602Et DukkehjemKarasjok, Norway6th October 1990Musical Director
75601Et DukkehjemKautokeino, Norway5th October 1990Musical Director
75600Et DukkehjemAlta, Norway3rd October 1990Musical Director
75599Et DukkehjemTromsø, Norway1st October 1990Musical Director
75598Et DukkehjemHeggelia, Norway30th September 1990Musical Director
75597Et DukkehjemBallangen, Norway28th September 1990Musical Director
75596Et DukkehjemNarvik, Norway27th September 1990Musical Director
75595Et DukkehjemHarstad, Norway26th September 1990Musical Director
75594Et DukkehjemSortland, Norway25th September 1990Musical Director
75593Et DukkehjemMelbu, Norway24th September 1990Musical Director
75592Et DukkehjemSvolvær, Norway23rd September 1990Musical Director
75591Et DukkehjemStamsund, Norway21st September 1990Musical Director
75590Et DukkehjemBrønnøysund, Norway19th September 1990Musical Director
75589Et DukkehjemSandnessjøen, Norway18th September 1990Musical Director
75588Et DukkehjemMo i Rana, Norway17th September 1990Musical Director
75587Et DukkehjemMosjøen, Norway16th September 1990Musical Director
80967Peer GyntJohanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo, Norway1st September 1990Musician
75586Et DukkehjemStasjonsgata 3, Namsos, Norway8th November 1989Musical Director
76792Et DukkehjemKolvereid, Norway7th November 1989Musical Director
75585Et DukkehjemBogavegen 10, Steinkjer, Norway6th November 1989Musical Director
75584Et DukkehjemVerdal, Norway5th November 1989Musical Director
75583Et DukkehjemRådhusvegen 2, Melhus, Norway3rd November 1989Musical Director
75582Et DukkehjemTynset, Norway2nd November 1989Musical Director
75581Et DukkehjemOrkanger, Norway1st November 1989Musical Director
75580Et DukkehjemLisjebøvegen 10A, Fosnavåg, Norway30th October 1989Musical Director
75579Et DukkehjemGangstøvikvegen, Ålesund, Norway29th October 1989Musical Director
75578Et DukkehjemStorgaten 33, Grimstad, Norway26th October 1989Musical Director
75577Et DukkehjemKragsgate 48, Risør, Norway25th October 1989Musical Director
75576Et DukkehjemNymoens Torg 3, Kongsberg, Norway23rd October 1989Musical Director
75575Et DukkehjemTeatergata 3, Notodden, Norway22nd October 1989Musical Director
76831Et DukkehjemHønefoss Bru 1D, Hønefoss, Norway19th October 1989Musical Director
75573Et DukkehjemStrandgata 23, Hamar, Norway18th October 1989Musical Director
75572Et DukkehjemRaufoss, Norway17th October 1989Musical Director
75571Et DukkehjemStrandgata 15, Gjøvik, Norway16th October 1989Musical Director
75570Et DukkehjemHov i Land, Norway15th October 1989Musical Director
75569Et DukkehjemJernbanevegen 22, Fagernes, Norway13th October 1989Musical Director
75568Et DukkehjemGol, Norway11th October 1989Musical Director
75567Et DukkehjemSkulegata 15, Voss, Norway10th October 1989Musical Director
75566Et DukkehjemMastrevik, Norway8th October 1989Musical Director
75565Et DukkehjemFjell, Norway7th October 1989Musical Director
75564Et DukkehjemHusnes, Norway6th October 1989Musical Director
75563Et DukkehjemRosendalsvegen 4, Rosendal, Norway5th October 1989Musical Director
75562Et DukkehjemHamnegata 1, Stord, Norway4th October 1989Musical Director
75561Et DukkehjemKnut Knutsen Oas Gate 4, Haugesund, Norway2nd October 1989Musical Director
75560Et DukkehjemHauanvegen 17, Tonstad, Norway1st October 1989Musical Director
75559Et DukkehjemKvinesdal, Norway29th September 1989Musical Director
75558Et DukkehjemSundeveien 14, Farsund, Norway28th September 1989Musical Director
75557Et DukkehjemBørge Trulssøns gate 7, Lillesand, Norway27th September 1989Musical Director
75556Et DukkehjemStore Elvegate 35, Mandal, Norway26th September 1989Musical Director
75555Et DukkehjemKristiansand, Norway24th September 1989Musical Director
75554Et DukkehjemLarvik, Norway22nd September 1989Musical Director
75552Et DukkehjemNedre Langgate 49, Tønsberg, Norway19th September 1989Musical Director
75551Et DukkehjemEidsvoll, Norway18th September 1989Musical Director
75550Et DukkehjemHerredsveien 2, Sagstua, Norway17th September 1989Musical Director
75549Et DukkehjemFjellgata 2, Kongsvinger, Norway15th September 1989Musical Director
75548Et DukkehjemSt. Marie gate 38, Sarpsborg, Norway14th September 1989Musical Director
75547Et DukkehjemDronningens gate 25, Moss, Norway13th September 1989Musical Director
75546Et DukkehjemKirkegata 5, Askim, Norway12th September 1989Musical Director
75529Et DukkehjemØvre Storgate 12, Drammen, Norway6th September 1989Musical Director
97997Peer GyntSandefjordsveien 3, Sandefjord, Norway10th December 1984Musician
97996Peer GyntKlyphaugvegen 8, 2670 Otta, Otta, Norway7th December 1984Musician
97995Peer GyntDombås, Norway6th December 1984Musician
97994Peer GyntVågåmo, Norway5th December 1984Musician
97993Peer GyntKirkegata 69, Lillehammer, Norway4th December 1984Musician
97992Peer GyntMoelv, Norway3rd December 1984Musician
97991Peer GyntBrumunddal, Norway2nd December 1984Musician
97990Peer GyntHønefoss Bru 1D, Hønefoss, Norway30th November 1984Musician
97989Peer GyntLarvik, Norway29th November 1984Musician
97988Peer GyntGrimstad, Norway28th November 1984Musician
97987Peer GyntStore Elvegate 35, Mandal, Norway27th November 1984Musician
97985Peer GyntFarsund, Norway26th November 1984Musician
97984Peer GyntKristiansand, Norway22nd November 1984Musician
97983Peer GyntKragsgate 48, Risør, Norway21st November 1984Musician
97982Peer GyntNymoens Torg 3, Kongsberg, Norway20th November 1984Musician
97981Peer GyntSt. Marie gate 38, Sarpsborg, Norway19th November 1984Musician
97980Peer GyntHolmestrand, Holmestrand, Norway18th November 1984Musician
97978Peer GyntNedre Langgate 49, Tønsberg, Norway15th November 1984Musician
97977Peer GyntLundegata 6, Skien, Norway13th November 1984Musician
97976Peer GyntØvre Storgate 12, Drammen, Norway11th November 1984Musician
97975Peer GyntAngedalsvegen 5, Førde, Norway5th November 1984Musician
97974Peer GyntGotfried Lies Plass 1. 6415 Molde, Molde, Norway29th October 1984Musician
97972Peer GyntSunndalsøra, Norway24th October 1984Musician
97967Peer GyntSurnadal, Norway22nd October 1984Musician
80969Peer GyntMadrid, SpainJune 1991Musician
Contributor Identifier451863
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