Event 培尔金特 (Peer Gynt) (Pei'er Jinte)
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VenueTian Qiao Theatre, 30 Beiwei Rd, Xicheng, Beijing, China
First Date30th April 2004
Opening Night30th April 2004
Last Date3rd May 2004
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
452222Aniksdal, Anna Andrea Vik, Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal379ActorHerd girl
452211Aniksdal, Geddy, Geddy Aniksdal379ActorSolveig
452220Berge, Robert Emil, Robert Emil Berge379ActorThin Man
452220Berge, Robert Emil, Robert Emil Berge379ActorA Sailor
452317Bratlie, Britt Malin, Britt Malin Bratlie379ActorHerd girl
452208Ekblom, Carl Henrik, Carl Henrik Ekblom379ActorPeer GyntAs young
452210Erichsen, Anne-Sophie, Anne-Sophie Erichsen379ActorMother Aase
452224Hanto, Olav, Olav Hanto379ActorThe Troll King
452224Hanto, Olav, Olav Hanto379ActorA Sailor
451455Henriksen, Tommy, Tommy Henriksen379ActorSea Captain
451455Henriksen, Tommy, Tommy Henriksen379ActorAslak
452227Jørgensen, Joakim Dan, Joakim Dan Jørgensen379ActorA Buttonmoulder
452223Nordby, Birgit, Birgit Nordby379ActorAnitra
452223Nordby, Birgit, Birgit Nordby379ActorIngrid
452223Nordby, Birgit, Birgit Nordby379ActorWoman in green
450810Otnes, Ola,Ola Otnes379ActorPeer GyntAs old
452316Qingyu, Yan, Yan Qingyu379ActorSolveig
452214Storberget, Anne, Anne Storberget379ActorHerd girl
452226Sødal, Terje, Terje Sødal379ActorMads Moen
452226Sødal, Terje, Terje Sødal379ActorThe steward
452216Vik, Tobias, Tobias Vik379ActorAn Ugly Child
451141Winther, Leif, Leif Winther379ActorThe Strange Passenger
451141Winther, Leif, Leif Winther379ActorThe farmer at Hegstad
452207Vik, Lars, Lars Vik389Adaptation
427023Nordseth, Un-Magritt, Un-Magritt Nordseth385Choreographer
429710Guttormsen, Guttorm, Guttorm Guttormsen388Composer
452006Grimstad, Mona Irene, Mona Irene Grimstad387Costume Designer
451139Andersen, Hans Georg, Hans Georg Andersen376Designer
452207Vik, Lars, Lars Vik375Director
438897Sandvik, Erik Spets, Erik Spets Sandvik380Lighting Designer
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
452318Junbo, Zhao, Zhao Junbo378TranslatorChinese in the international bar
Production NationalityChina, Norway
Performance languageChinese, Norwegian
Further Information4 Performances. / Also featured 28 dancers from the Beijing Dance Drama and Opera Company. / Performed at The 2nd Beijing International Drama Festival. / The production lines in both the Norwegian and Chinese. All Norwegian speech was subtitled into Chinese. The production was based on Grenland Friteater / Theatre's production of Ibsen's 2003.
Event Identifier81739
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