Event Peer Gynt
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DescriptionPerformed eight times in 1905/06 and five times in 1906/07. Also performed in 1908 (on 16 and 17 August 1908 as part of the Ibsen Week at the Nationaltheatret).
VenueNationaltheatret, Johanne Dybwads Plass 1, Oslo, Norway
First Date27th February 1902
Opening Night27th February 1902
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
442080Asmundsen, Sigurd, Sigurd Asmundsen379ActorMads Moen
442080Asmundsen, Sigurd, Sigurd Asmundsen379ActorHerr von Eberkopf
427759Astrup, Henny, Henny Astrup379ActorAnitra
434637Berge, Theodor, Theodor Berge379ActorThe cook
449035Bergh, Haakon Ludvig, Haakon Ludvig Bergh379ActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
442190Blich, Theodor, Theodor Blich379ActorHussein
442190Blich, Theodor, Theodor Blich379ActorIngrid
442190Blich, Theodor, Theodor Blich379ActorThe farmer at Hegstad
455139Brun, Johanne, Johanne Brun379ActorA Woman
449030Bull, Mette, Mette Bull379ActorHerd girl
442192Christensen, Agnes, Agnes Christensen379ActorKari
442192Christensen, Agnes, Agnes Christensen379ActorThe Newcomer’s wife
428571Christensen, Gyda Martha KristineGyda Martha Kristine Christensen (Gyda Christensen)379ActorAnitra
428572Christensen, Halfdan, Halfdan Christensen379ActorPeer Gynt
428851Didriksen, Aagot, Aagot Didriksen379ActorThe Newcomer’s wife
449029Egeberg, Martha, Martha Egeberg379ActorHerd girl
441717Eide, Egil, Egil Eide379ActorBegriffenfeldt
439273Eldegard, Sigurd, Sigurd Eldegard379ActorThin Man
439273Eldegard, Sigurd, Sigurd Eldegard379ActorAslak
439273Eldegard, Sigurd, Sigurd Eldegard379ActorThe Strange Passenger
439273Eldegard, Sigurd, Sigurd Eldegard379ActorHuhu
439273Eldegard, Sigurd, Sigurd Eldegard379ActorThe Newcomer
439273Eldegard, Sigurd, Sigurd Eldegard379ActorA Priest
434595Fahlstrøm, Johan,Johan Fahlstrøm379ActorTroll courtier
427227Garmann, Fredrik,Fredrik Garmann379ActorA Fellah
449038Grieg-Müller, Signe, Signe Grieg-Müller379ActorA Woman
449026Halvorsen, Josefine, Josefine Halvorsen379ActorHerd girl
439478Halvorsen, Nicolai, Nicolai Halvorsen379ActorThe Newcomer
439478Halvorsen, Nicolai, Nicolai Halvorsen379ActorA Priest
439478Halvorsen, Nicolai, Nicolai Halvorsen379ActorHerr von Eberkopf
449021Hammer, Borgny, Borgny Hammer379ActorIngrid
434851Steen, Harald Heide,Harald Heide Steen379ActorA Fellah
434851Steen, Harald Heide,Harald Heide Steen379ActorThe cook
449031Steen, Signe Heide,Signe Heide Steen (Signe Heide Steen)379ActorHerd girl
449031Steen, Signe Heide,Signe Heide Steen (Signe Heide Steen)379ActorA pig
430143Holth, Olaf, Olaf Holth379ActorA Fence
449027Jensen, Margit, Margit Jensen379ActorHerd girl
449032Jensen, Olaf, Olaf Jensen379ActorAn Ugly Child
449040Johr, Øyvind, Øyvind Johr379ActorThe cook
430450Juel, Emma, Emma Juel379ActorThe Newcomer’s wife
430450Juel, Emma, Emma Juel379ActorA Woman
430450Juel, Emma, Emma Juel379ActorHerd girl
448811Juel, Johannes, Johannes Juel379ActorA Bailiff
448811Juel, Johannes, Johannes Juel379ActorA voice in the darkness
430638Kinden, Inga, Inga Kinden379ActorHerd girl
439346Klausen, Elisabeth, Elisabeth Klausen379ActorPig
441487Krohn, Michael, Michael Krohn379ActorMr Cotton
430975Lampe, Julie, Julie Lampe379ActorMother Aase
449022Lund, Alma, Alma Lund379ActorMads Moen's mother
449020Lund, Thorleif, Thorleif Lund379ActorAslak
439275Løvaas, Johan, Johan Løvaas379ActorSea Captain
439275Løvaas, Johan, Johan Løvaas379ActorTroll courtier
449037Magnussøn, Sigurd, Sigurd Magnussøn379ActorA Fellah
431803Müller, Ludvig,Ludvig Müller379ActorMr Cotton
449019Nissen, Aagot, Aagot Nissen379ActorSolveig
432045Oddvar, August, August Oddvar379ActorHuhu
449024Ohlsen, Castora, Castora Ohlsen379ActorHerd girl
432079Olsen, Ole,Ole Olsen379ActorA Bailiff
432087Opsann, Aksel, Aksel Opsann379ActorThe boatswain
449028Pettersen, Margit, Margit Pettersen379ActorHerd girl
449034Piro, Olaug, Olaug Piro379ActorKari
432565Reimers, Sophie,Sophie Reimers379ActorThe Newcomer’s wife
432565Reimers, Sophie,Sophie Reimers379ActorKari
449023Risøe, Caroline, Caroline Risøe379ActorHerd girl
432936Schanche, Berent,Berent Schanche379ActorMonsieur Ballon
441488Schanche, Ingolf, Ingolf Schanche379ActorThe cook
439191Selmer, Jens,Jens Selmer379ActorThe Troll King
433115Selmer, Leonora,Leonora Selmer379ActorWoman in green
449025Skarseth, Dagny, Dagny Skarseth379ActorHerd girl
449039Sohlberg, Thorleif, Thorleif Sohlberg379ActorThe boatswain
449039Sohlberg, Thorleif, Thorleif Sohlberg379ActorA thief
449039Sohlberg, Thorleif, Thorleif Sohlberg379ActorMads Moen's father
433481Stormoen, Harald, Harald Stormoen379ActorMads Moen's father
433481Stormoen, Harald, Harald Stormoen379ActorA Buttonmoulder
427236Thomassen, Gustav,Gustav Thomassen379ActorThe Troll King
427236Thomassen, Gustav,Gustav Thomassen379ActorA Buttonmoulder
427235Voss, Johanne, Johanne Voss379ActorWoman in green
427235Voss, Johanne, Johanne Voss379ActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
440127Voss, Olav, Olav Voss379ActorBegriffenfeldt
440127Voss, Olav, Olav Voss379ActorThe Troll King
440127Voss, Olav, Olav Voss379ActorMads Moen's father
440127Voss, Olav, Olav Voss379ActorHerr von Eberkopf
449036Wibe, Ingeborg, Ingeborg Wibe379ActorAnitra
441490Wiberg, Stub, Stub Wiberg379ActorThin Man
441490Wiberg, Stub, Stub Wiberg379ActorThe Strange Passenger
427530Aabel, Hauk, Hauk Aabel379ActorAslak
427079Grieg, Edvard, HagerupEdvard Grieg (Edvard Hagerup Grieg)388Composer
434063Wang, Jens,Jens Wang376Designer
439889Bjørnson, Bjørn,Bjørn Bjørnson375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Event Identifier80230
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