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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
96212When We Dead AwakenWoman's Club Assembly30th November 1935ActorA woman traveller
96209GhostsWoman's Club Assembly27th November 1935ActorMrs. Helene Alving
96208GhostsLa Crosse State Teachers College23rd November 1935ActorMrs. Helene Alving
96207GhostsEastern High School20th November 1935ActorMrs. Helene Alving
96211When We Dead AwakenEastern High School20th November 1935ActorA woman traveller
96206GhostsLawrence College Memorial Chapel19th November 1935ActorMrs. Helene Alving
96210When We Dead AwakenUniversity Theatre, Bascom Hall5th November 1935ActorA woman traveller
96205GhostsUniversity Theatre, Bascom Hall4th November 1935ActorMrs. Helene Alving
96166The Master BuilderDrake Auditorium, Drake University30th October 1934ActorMrs. Aline Solness
96165GhostsDrake Auditorium, Drake University29th October 1934ActorMrs. Helene Alving
96047GhostsMemorial Hall, University of North Carolina13th October 1933ActorMrs. Helene Alving
96045The Master BuilderThe Playmakers Theatre13th October 1933ActorMrs. Aline Solness
83769Gjengangere ("Ghosts") 3rd ActJolson's 59th Street Theatre18th March 1928Director
83770Scenes from 4th Act of "Brand"Jolson's 59th Street Theatre18th March 1928Director
83134Hedda GablerUniversity Auditorium5th April 1920ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
83133Hedda GablerCollege Auditorium at Oklahoma A. and M. College26th March 1920ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
83137A Doll's HouseCollege Auditorium at Oklahoma A. and M. College25th March 1920ActorNora
83132Hedda GablerMandel Hall, University Of Chicago16th February 1920ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92897Hedda GablerLittle Theatre28th April 1914ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92898Gengangere (Ghosts)The Norwegian Theatre18th April 1913ActorMrs. Helene Alving
92900Et DukkehjemHumboldt Park Perish House15th October 1911ActorNora
98682Peer GyntNationaltheatret16th August 1908ActorIngrid
80230Peer GyntNationaltheatret27th February 1902ActorIngrid
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