Event A Doll House
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VenueMccarter Theatre, 91 University Place, Princeton, United States
First Date6th May 1996
Opening Night6th May 1996
Last Date26th May 1996
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
428131Blick, AmandaAmanda Blick (Amanda Blick)379ActorEmmy
428132Blick, CarlyCarly Blick (Carly Blick)379ActorEmmy
436333Douglas, MatthewMatthew Douglas (Matthew Douglas)379ActorA porter
429925Hedwall, DeborahDeborah Hedwall (Deborah Hedwall)379ActorMrs. Kristine Linde
436329Hormann, NicholasNicholas Hormann (Nicholas Hormann)379ActorDr. Rank
436332Humphrey, NinaNina Humphrey (Nina Humphrey)379ActorHelene
431006Lansbury, DavidDavid Lansbury (David Lansbury)379ActorTorvald Helmer
431108Lessard, MaxMax Lessard (Max Lessard)379ActorIvar
436330Lessard, NiallNiall Lessard (Niall Lessard)379ActorBob
431110Lester, BarbaraBarbara Lester (Barbara Lester)379ActorAnne Marie
431978Nixon, CynthiaCynthia Nixon (Cynthia Nixon)379ActorNora
436331Parker, Emily CarolEmily Carol Parker (Emily Carol Parker)379ActorEmmy
434397Zeisler, MarkMark Zeisler (Mark Zeisler)379ActorNils Krogstad
430573Keen, ElizabethElizabeth Keen (Elizabeth Keen)385Choreographer
428488Carroll, BaikidaBaikida Carroll (Baikida Carroll)388Composer
436335von Mayrhauser, JenniferJennifer von Mayrhauser (Jennifer von Mayrhauser)387Costume Designer
436334Lynch, ThomasThomas Lynch (Thomas Lynch)376Designer
431384Mann, EmilyEmily Mann (Emily Mann)375Director
436336Collins, PatPat Collins (Pat Collins)380Lighting Designer
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
427847Bamman, GerryGerry Bamman (Gerry Bamman)378Translator
434661Berman, Irene B.Irene B. Berman (Irene B. Berman)378Translator
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further Informationnt / 1197 / Originally produced by Hartford Stage Company. Hartford, Connecticut with Mark Lamos as Artistic Director. / See the record for the original Production: http://ibsen.nb.no/id/11169169
Event Identifier77048
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