Event Mali Boke Shoshe (A Doll`s House / ماڵی بووکە شووشە)
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DescriptionA performance with a Kurdish Theatre Group Company in Sulaymaniyah (سلێمانی) . / First night : 04.06.2013, then 5-6/06.2013 in Kurdistan/ Iraq , last night 29.03.2014 played in Vår Teater Stockholm/ Sweeden, / Made By Rezan Saleh In Zahir's version of A Doll's House there are fewer characters than in Ibsen's and they are all concerned with business and wealth. Nora, Helmer, Krogstad and Mrs Linde all want to be rich. The director has chosen to exclude Dr. Rank from the plot. The scenography is designed so that the house appears as a symbolic prison. The floor in the house is raised 20 cm and below the audience can see a red light, this to give the impression that the house is a hell for Nora. Zahir did not make major changes to the content of the play, but he showed a critical view of the materialistic attitudes of the characters. This is relevant in today's Kurdistan, where new shopping centers and other commercial offers open every day, while many experience a weakening of traditional values, cohesion and community
VenueVår Teater, Medborgarplatsen 2, 118 26 Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Umbrella EventTheatre Performance
First Date29th March 2014
Opening Night4th June 2013
Last Date29th March 2014
StatusProfessional cooperative
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
519810Abdulla, NishtimanNishtiman Abdulla379ActorNora
519822Fahmi, ShamalShamal Fahmi379ActorDr. Rank
519813Majid, BarezBarez Majid379ActorNils Krogstad
519811Muhamad, ShafiqShafiq Muhamad379ActorTorvald Helmer
519812Sarchl, KenarKenar Sarchl379ActorMrs. Kristine Linde
519818Ahmad, RubarRubar Ahmad385Choreographer
511753Abdulla, ZahirZahir Abdulla375Director
511753Abdulla, ZahirZahir Abdulla383Dramaturg
519820Hama Saed, SherkoSherko Hama Saed380Lighting Designer
519821Omar, HershHersh Omar392Musician
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
519815Qadr, Media RaofMedia Raof Qadr384Producer
519819Mohamad, HalmatHalmat Mohamad381Sound Designer
519850Tahir, TaimorTaimor Tahir378Translator
Première in a TourYes
Production NationalityIraq
Performance languageKurdish
Further InformationThis play have been also played in "Vår Teater" Stokholm the 29.03.2014. Sources: Rezan Saleh made An interview with the director of the play for her master study -Ibsen i Iraq.
Event Identifier100063
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