Contributor Thomas Oikonomou
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FunctionsActor, Director
Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
VrykolakesAthens, Greece11th February 1926Director
NoraAthens, Greece5th January 1926Director
Architekton SolnesThessaloniki, Greece25th September 1925Director
Architekton SolnesAthens, Greece15th January 1925Director
NoraThessaloniki, Greece2nd October 1924Director
VrykolakesThessaloniki, Greece18th September 1924Director
NoraPatra, Greece7th February 1924Director
NoraAthens, Greece27th May 1923Director
Nora i To spiti tis kouklasAthens, Greece14th April 1923ActorDr. Rank
Nora i To spiti tis kouklasTsamadou 43, Peiraia, Greece9th April 1923Director
VrykolakesAthens, Greece2nd April 1923Director
Nora (To spiti tis kouklas)Athens, Greece23rd December 1921Director
VrykolakesAthens, Greece9th October 1921Director
O mikros AyolfAthens, Greece7th March 1919Director
NoraAthens, Greece10th October 1918Actor
VrykolakesPireus, Greece15th January 1918ActorOsvald Alving
NoraPireus, Greece6th December 1917Actor
VrykolakesAthens, Greece3rd October 1917Director
NoraPireus, Greece14th November 1916Actor
VrykolakesPireus, Greece8th June 1916Director
VrykolakesAthens, Greece7th June 1916Director
NoraAthens, Greece26th May 1916Actor
VrykolakesKotzia Square, Athens, Greece15th January 1916Director
NoraAthens, Greece8th October 1915Actor
I agriopapiaAthens, Greece8th July 1915Director
NoraAthens, Greece29th November 1914Actor
VrykolakesAthens, Greece19th May 1914Director
VrykolakesThessaloniki, Greece6th January 1914ActorOsvald Alving
VrykolakesVolos, Greece17th October 1913Director
VrykolakesAthens, Greece12th August 1913Director
NoraPireus, Greece9th August 1913Actor
VrykolakesPireus, Greece11th February 1913ActorOsvald Alving
I agriopapiaPireus, Greece6th February 1913ActorHjalmar Ekdal
I agriopapiaChania, Crete, Greece2nd November 1912ActorHjalmar Ekdal
VrykolakesAthens, Athens, Greece14th October 1912Director
To spiti tis kouklasPyrgos, Greece11th September 1912Director
I agriopapiaPyrgos, Greece5th September 1912Director
VrykolakesPyrgos, Greece2nd September 1912Director
NoraAthens, Greece30th July 1912Actor
NoraPireus, Greece27th July 1912Actor
NoraAthens, Greece11th July 1912Actor
VrykolakesAthens, Greece25th June 1912Director
VrykolakesTripoli, Greece28th March 1912Director
VrykolakesIzmir, Turkey17th January 1912ActorOsvald Alving
VrykolakesAthens, Greece26th December 1911ActorOsvald Alving
NoraAthens, Greece20th December 1911Actor
NoraVolos 383, Volos, Greece9th November 1911ActorDr. Rank
VrykolakesVolos 383, Volos, Greece3rd November 1911ActorOsvald Alving
VrykolakesAthens, Greece9th October 1911Director
VrykolakesPireus, Greece31st October 1910ActorOsvald Alving
Rosmerscholm Athens, Greece1st October 1910Director
VrykolakesAthens, Greece17th September 1910ActorOsvald Alving
VrykolakesIzmir, Turkey3rd May 1910Director
VrykolakesIstanbul, Turkey24th March 1910Director
VrykolakesSiros Ermoupoli 841 00, Ermoupoli, Syros, Greece13th February 1910Director
VrykolakesKotzia Square, Athens, Greece6th December 1909Director
VrykolakesMarkou Mpotsari 4, Pyrgos, Ileia, Greece16th April 1909Director
VrykolakesKefalonia, Greece26th March 1909Director
VrykolakesAthens, Greece13th January 1909Director
RosmerscholmSamos, Greece22nd January 1908Director
I kyra tis thalassasAthens, Greece24th July 1906Director
NoraAthens, Greece24th March 1902Director
Ta stirigmata tis koinoniasAthens, Greece14th January 1902Director
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