Name_SORTName AddressFirstDate_SORTLastDate_SORTEvent DatesEventsResources
The Black SwanUnited States, Ashland, Corner of E Main And Pioneer St19991 
The Blue Room Theatre - StudioAustralia, Northbridge, Arts House, 51 - 53 James Street20131 
The BLUE TheaterUnited States, Austin, 916 Springdale Rd20111 
The BrandelsUnited States, Omaha19101 
The Brook TheatreEngland, Chatham, 5 The Brook20051 
The Cambridge TheatreEngland, Cambridge, 6 St Edward's Passage   
The CivicEngland, Barnsley, Hanson St20111 
The Civic Theatre at Dobbs FerryUnited States, Dobbs Ferry19371 
The Cockpit TheatreEngland, London, Gateforth St2012–20183 
The Court TheatreNew Zealand, Christchurch, Bernard St, Addington20031 
The DeLuxe TheaterUnited States, Houston, 3303 Lyons Avene20201 
The Dionysus Theater's L'IL PEACHUnited States, New York, 270 West 36th Street20051 
The Dolphin TheatreAustralia, Crawley, University of WA19631 
The DuquesneUnited States, Pittsburgh1895–19084 
The FirehouseUnited States, South Bend20021 
The Gabriel Sundukian National TheatreArmenia, Yerevan19911 
The Gate Theatre SalonEngland, London, 16A Villiers Street19261 
The Germania TheatreUnited States, St. Louis18911 
The Goodwin Theatre, Austin Arts CenterUnited States, Hartford, Summit Street19781 
The GrandUnited States, Greenville1903–19042 
The GrandUnited States, Indianapolis19081 
The GrandUnited States, Kansas City19041 
The GrandUnited States, Great Falls1904–19092 
The GrandUnited States, Atlanta19061 
The GrandUnited States, Perry19051 
The GrandUnited States, Owensboro19081 
The GrandUnited States, Atlanta1903–19083 
The GrandUnited States, Evansville19071 
The GrandUnited States, Seattle19051 
The GrandUnited States, San Antonio19031 
The GrandUnited States, Marion19081 
The GrandUnited States, St. Louis19041 
The GrandUnited States, Fort Smith19031 
The GrandUnited States, Burlington19041 
The GrandUnited States, Greensboro19111 
The Grand Opera HouseUnited States, New Orleans1895–18962 
The Greyhound TheatreEngland, Croydon, London19312 
The Guild TheatreUnited States, New York, 245 West 52nd Street1926–19322 
The HagueNetherlands, The Hague   
The Hangar TheatreUnited States, Ithaca, Taughannock Boulevard19781 
The Haymarket TheatreEngland, Basingstoke, Wote Street20021 
The Heritage CenterUnited States, Morrisville, 635 North Delmorr Ave20001