Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Gespenster3rd January 1901Theater BozenItaly 
Gespenster21st April 2006Theater Center ForumAustria 
Gespenster11th December 1993Theater der Altmark StendalGermany 
Gespenster4th March 1992Theater der AltstadtGermany 
Gespenster1st January 1895Theater der Central-HalleGermany 
Gespenster3rd February 1984Theater der Freien HansestadtGermany 
Gespenster14th September 2002Theater der Stadt HeidelbergGermany 
Gespenster29th March 1929Theater der Stadt JenaGermany 
Gespenster20th November 1949Theater der Stadt KoblenzGermany 
Gespenster22nd September 1971Theater der Stadt KoblenzGermany 
Gespenster14th February 1997Theater der Stadt KoblenzGermany 
Gespenster5th September 2015Theater der Stadt KoblenzGermany 
Gespenster27th May 1995Theater DortmundGermany 
Gespenster28th June 2005Theater DortmundGermany 
Gespenster oder Die Wiedergänger1st October 2011Theater DortmundGermany 
Gespenster14th November 2007Theater DuisburgGermany 
Gespenster23rd November 2006Theater Ensemble WürzburgGermany 
Gespenster23rd January 1999Theater EspelkampGermany 
Gint. A Play in Two Acts by Romulus Linney. From Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.17th February 1998Theater for the New CityUnited States of America 
Gespenster16th May 1966Theater FreiburgGermany 
Gespenster25th February 1972Theater für VorarlbergAustria 
Gespenster13th October 1945Theater GreifswaldGermany 
Gespenster22nd October 1971Theater GreifswaldGermany 
Gespenster26th January 2000Theater HamelnGermany 
Gespenster1st October 2004Theater im DepotGermany 
Gespenster17th February 1980Theater im ForumGermany 
Gespenster11th October 2010Theater im HofgartenGermany 
Gespenster7th March 1980Theater im HofgartenGermany 
Gespenster9th January 1999Theater im PfalzbauGermany 
Gespenster6th January 1980Theater im PfalzbauGermany 
Gespenster22nd October 2009Theater in der JosefstadtAustria5
Gespenster18th November 1955Theater in der JosefstadtAustria 
Gespenster25th March 1948Theater in der KaiseralleeGermany 
Gespenster19th December 1990Theater LübeckGermany 
Gespenster9th March 2007Theater LüneburgGermany 
Gespenster23rd October 1992Theater OberhausenGermany 
Gespenster oder Die Wiedergänger16th June 2012Theater OberhausenGermany 
Gespenster8th February 1980Theater OberhausenGermany 
Gespenster12th February 1980Theater OberhausenGermany 
Gespenster17th March 2011Theater PhönixAustria 
Gespenster9th October 1976Theater RendsburgGermany 
Gespenster25th November 2009Theater StokSwitzerland