Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim21st March 2006Alte MälzereiGermany 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim22nd March 2006StadthalleGermany 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim28th March 2006BahnhofGermany 
Nora8th May 2002Theater KikkerNetherlands 
Nora9th May 2002Theater Lieve VrouwNetherlands 
Nora10th May 2002VolksbuurttheaterNetherlands 
Nora12th May 2002Theater de MeervaartNetherlands 
Nora15th May 2002Toneelschuur HaarlemNetherlands 
Nora17th May 2002Schouwburg KunstminNetherlands 
Nora17th April 2002Onafhankelijk ToneelNetherlands 
Nora23rd May 2002Toneelacademie MaastrichtNetherlands 
Nora24th May 2002Theater MontyBelgium 
Nora26th May 2002M.M.T.Belgium 
Nora30th May 2002Plaza FuturaNetherlands 
Nora9th April 1995Mittelsächsisches TheaterGermany 
Nora4th October 1996Grand TheatreNetherlands 
Nora10th October 1996Toneelschuur HaarlemNetherlands 
Nora1996Amphitheater AmsterdamNetherlands 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim15th October 1998Theater Baden-BadenGermany 
Nora23rd February 2006The Arclight TheaterUnited States of America 
Nora21st April 2006The Schoolhouse TheaterUnited States of America 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim19th November 1964Theater an der WienAustria 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim14th December 1964Theater am KurfurstendammGermany 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim1964Komödie BaselSwitzerland 
Nora18th February 1988The New Theatre of BrooklynUnited States of America 
Nora12th June 2003GermanyGermany 
Nora9th April 2006GermanyGermany 
Nora28th May 2005GermanyGermany 
Nora16th April 2005Česká televize (Czech TV)Czech Republic 
Nora6th February 1970Teatr TelewizjiPoland 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim11th September 1999Theater AachenGermany 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim9th May 1998Stadttheater IngolstadtGermany 
Nora3rd March 1993Harold E. & Esther M. Mertz TheatreUnited States of America 
Nora oder Ein Puppenheim6th June 1997Das Meininger TheaterGermany 
Nora - Ein Puppenheim18th November 1998Alte SparkasseGermany 
Nora13th January 1955West GermanyGermany 
Nora14th November 1986HungaryHungary 
Nora29th April 1923FinlandFinland 
Nora2nd February 1923GermanyGermany 
Nora oder ein Puppenheim24th February 2007Niederrhein TheaterGermany 
Nora oder ein Puppenheim22nd September 2007Die BühneGermany