Event Nora
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VenueGermany, Germany, Germany
First Date2nd February 1923
Primary GenreFilm
Secondary Genre
    • Film
434823Ebert, CarlCarl Ebert (Carl Ebert)379ActorTorvald Helmer
434826Edthofer, AntonAnton Edthofer (Anton Edthofer)379ActorDr. Rank
442564Grüning, IlkaIlka Grüning (Ilka Grüning)379ActorAnne MarieMarianne, Noras frühere Amme
458613Günther, PaulPaul Günther379ActorKrogstadt's son
434829Höflich, LucieLucie Höflich (Lucie Höflich)379ActorMrs. Kristine Linde
434825Kortner, FritzFritz Kortner (Fritz Kortner)379ActorNils Krogstad
434827Thomas, HelgaHelga Thomas (Helga Thomas)379ActorKrogstadt's daughter
433807Tschechowa, OlgaOlga Tschechowa (Olga Tschechowa)379ActorNora
522747Reimann, WalterWalter Reimann376DesignerProduction design
433947Viertel, BertholdBerthold Viertel (Berthold Viertel)375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityGermany
Performance languageGerman
Further InformationSilent movie with German intertitles; / Black and White; / Run time: 78 min; / Screenplay: Georg Fröschel; Berthold Viertel / Director of photography: Frederik Fuglsang / / Commissioned by: Universum-Film AG (UFA) (Berlin) / Duration: 5 Akte, 2045 m / Format: 35mm, 1:1.33 / Censorship/Age rating: Zensur (DE): 05.01.1923, B.06849, Jugendverbot / / Screening: Uraufführung (DE): 02.02.1923, Berlin, U.T. Kurfürstendamm / / Year of production: 1922. / / *** Two versions were made of this film. The first was faithful to the play. The second was given a more conciliatory ending. The second version has film length 2,083 m and runtime 79 minutes. Release Dates: Finland, 29 April 1923; Sweden, 17 December 1923; Denmark, 26 December 1923; Japan, 27 February 1925. Distributors: Universum Film (UFA) (1923) (Germany); Continental Film (1923) (Sweden) .
Event Identifier76130
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