Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Hedda Gabler26th April 1995Theater Der KellerGermany 
Hedda Gabler24th March 1995RisørNorway 
Hedda Gabler22nd March 1995Grimstad KulturhusNorway 
Hedda Gabler21st March 1995LillesandNorway 
Hedda Gabler20th March 1995VenneslaNorway 
Hedda Gabler18th March 1995MandalNorway 
Hedda Gabler16th March 1995KristiansandNorway 
Hedda Gabler15th March 1995KvinesdalNorway 
Hedda Gabler14th March 1995TonstadNorway 
Hedda Gabler13th March 1995EgersundNorway 
Hedda Gabler12th March 1995TysværNorway 
Hedda Gabler10th March 1995HaugesundNorway 
How to Live. A Radical Adaptation of the Later Works of Ibsen10th March 1995Watermans Art CentreEngland 
Hedda Gabler9th March 1995StordNorway 
Hedda Gabler8th March 1995HusnesNorway 
Hedda Gabler7th March 1995KopervikNorway 
Hedda Gabler4th March 1995StavangerNorway 
Hedda Gabler4th March 1995Koninklijke SchouwburgNetherlands 
Hedda Gabler2nd March 1995Northlight TheatreUnited States of America 
Hedda Gabler26th February 1995SakshaugNorway 
Hedda Gabler25th February 1995SteinkjerNorway 
Hedda Gabler25th February 1995Volkstheater WienAustria 
Hedda Gabler24th February 1995NamsosNorway 
Hedda Gabler23rd February 1995HøylandetNorway 
Hedda Gabler22nd February 1995KolvereidNorway 
Hedda Gabler22nd February 1995Naroden teatar Ivan Vazov (The Ivan Vazov National Theater)Bulgaria 
Hedda Gabler20th February 1995MosjøenNorway 
Hedda Gabler18th February 1995Mo i RanaNorway 
Hedda Gabler17th February 1995BodøNorway 
Hedda Gabler15th February 1995MelbuNorway 
Hedda Gabler14th February 1995HarstadNorway 
Hedda Gabler13th February 1995NarvikNorway 
Hedda Gabler10th February 1995StjørdalNorway 
Hedda Gabler9th February 1995VerdalNorway 
Hedda Gabler8th February 1995OrkangerNorway 
Hedda Gabler7th February 1995MelhusNorway 
Hedda Gabler6th February 1995RørosNorway 
Hedda Gabler4th February 1995TynsetNorway 
Hedda Gabler3rd February 1995ElverumNorway 
Hedda Gabler2nd February 1995FlisaNorway 
Hedda Gabler1st February 1995KongsvingerNorway 
Hedda Gabler31st January 1995HamarNorway