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Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)21st October 2011To Dimotikó Perifereiakó Théatro Ioannínon (DI.PE.TH.I.) (The Municipal Regional Theater of Ioannina (DI.PE.TH.I.))Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)4th November 2011Dimotikó Perifereiakó Théatro Agriníou (Municipal Regional Theater of Agrinio)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)11th November 2011Aithousa NeiraiaGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)26th November 2011Theatro TrianonGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)28th November 2011Pneumatiko Kentro Astros (Astros Cultural Center)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)4th December 2011Dimotiko Theatro Veroias (Municipal Regional Theater of Veria)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)5th December 2011Dipethe Kozanis (Regional Theater of Kozani)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)10th December 2011Dimotikos Kinimatografos (Mylos) (Municipal cinema (mill))Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)11th December 2011Ekthesiako Kentro Kalampakas (Kalambakas Cultural and Exhibition Center)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)15th December 2011Theatrikos Stathmos (Heraklion Theater Station)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)17th December 2011Spiti tou Politismou (House of Culture)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)18th January 2012Dimotiko Theatro Papadimitriou (Municipal Theater of Papadimitriou)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)28th January 2012Dimotiko Theatro Lamias (Municipal Theater of Lamia)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)4th February 2012Theatro Apollon (Apollo Theater)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)23rd March 2012Pneumatiko Kentro Megalopolis (Spiritual Center of Megalopolis)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)27th February 1958Vasilikon Theatron (Royal theatre)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)11th March 1958Dimotiko Theatro Apollon (Municipal Theater of Apollo)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)11th October 1950Vasilikon Theatron (Royal theatre)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)28th September 1951Vasilikon Theatro (Royal theatre)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)17th July 1930Laïko Theatro Pagkratiou (Popular Theatre of Pangrati)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)3rd February 1933Theatro Kentrikon (Central Theater)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)13th November 1933Theatro ArniGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)30th January 1934Vasilikon Theatron (Royal theatre)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)2nd August 1935Lyriko TheatroGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)10th May 1934Theatro ArniGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)27th July 1934Theatro PantheonGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)30th July 1935Laïko Theatro Pagkratiou (Popular Theatre of Pangrati)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)24th December 1936VolosGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)21st July 1937Theatro BolariGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)18th May 1938Theatro Alikis (Alice Theatre)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)4th October 1943Theatro Alikis (Alice Theatre)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)24th June 1945Ethnikon TheatronGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)18th July 1949Lyriko TheatroGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)17th July 2018Peiraiós 260 (Piraeus 260)Greece 
Ein Volksfeind5th March 1887Ostend-TheaterGermany 
Ein Volksfeind4th April 1888Hamburger Stadt-TheaterGermany 
Ein Volksfeind10th April 1888Altonaer StadttheaterGermany 
Ein Volksfeind7th September 1889Königliches Residenz-TheaterGermany 
Ein Volksfeind16th November 1889Königliches HoftheaterGermany1
Ein Volksfeind16th August 1890LessingtheaterGermany 
Ein Volksfeind6th October 1890Frankfurter StadttheaterGermany 
Ein Volksfeind5th November 1890Königliches Hoftheater Dresden-NeustadtGermany1