Event Peer Gynt
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VenueLeipziger Stadttheater, Neues Theater, Augustusplatz, Leipzig, Germany
First Date29th July 1920
Last Date4th August 1920
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
444808Aberer, Eugen,Eugen Aberer (Eugen Aberer)379ActorA Fellah
445082Arens, Marta, Marta Arens379ActorSolveig
445695Berger, Marianne, Marianne Berger379ActorHerd girl
445245Berger, Oskar, Oskar Berger379ActorA Buttonmoulder
445245Berger, Oskar, Oskar Berger379ActorBegriffenfeldt
444524Beßler, Hans, Hans Beßler379ActorThe cook
444524Beßler, Hans, Hans Beßler379ActorTroll courtierThe oldest troll courtier
444524Beßler, Hans, Hans Beßler379ActorA thief
444302Colmar, Gustav, Gustav Colmar379ActorMr Cotton
444302Colmar, Gustav, Gustav Colmar379ActorMads Moen's father
443662Dalldorf, Marie, Marie Dalldorf379ActorMother Aase
445698del Sarto, Agnes, Agnes del Sarto379ActorWoman in green
444889Ekert, Karl, Karl Ekert379ActorThe Troll King
444572Engst, Wilhelm, Wilhelm Engst379ActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
444572Engst, Wilhelm, Wilhelm Engst379ActorHerr von Eberkopf
444572Engst, Wilhelm, Wilhelm Engst379ActorAslak
445682Glau, Luise, Luise Glau379ActorThe Newcomer’s wifeSolveig's mother
445702Harms, Johannes, Johannes Harms379ActorA TrollTwo kids troll
444807Hesse, Tilly, Tilly Hesse379ActorThe Newcomer’s wifeSolveig's mother
445229Hickel, Hilde, Hilde Hickel379ActorHelga
441272Huth, Carl, Carl Huth379ActorThe NewcomerSolveig's father
444074Hübner, Herbert, Herbert Hübner379ActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
445081Körner, Lothar, Lothar Körner379ActorA voice in the darknessBoyg
445081Körner, Lothar, Lothar Körner379ActorThin Man
445081Körner, Lothar, Lothar Körner379ActorThe Strange Passenger
445699Liebmann, Friedrich, Friedrich Liebmann379ActorA TrollTwo kids troll
444188Mehlhorn, Bernhard, Bernhard Mehlhorn379ActorThe steward
445616Niklas, Arthur, Arthur Niklas379ActorA Fence
445616Niklas, Arthur, Arthur Niklas379ActorSea Captain
445708Otto-Morgenstern, Martina, Martina Otto-Morgenstern379ActorAnitra
443745Reiff, Fritz, Fritz Reiff379ActorPeer Gynt
445689Richter, Irmgard, Irmgard Richter379ActorHerd girl
443329Schippang, Marie, Marie Schippang379ActorKari
443329Schippang, Marie, Marie Schippang379ActorMads Moen's mother
445615Schlageter, Alfred, Alfred Schlageter379ActorHussein
445615Schlageter, Alfred, Alfred Schlageter379ActorMonsieur Ballon
445692Schmiedecke, Paula, Paula Schmiedecke379ActorHerd girl
445686Sessing, Luise, Luise Sessing379ActorIngrid
445705von Walter, Hertha, Hertha von Walter379ActorAn Ugly Child
443330Walter, Wilhelm, Wilhelm Walter379ActorThe farmer at Hegstad
439736Winds, Dr. Adolf,Adolf Winds (Dr. Adolf Winds)379ActorMads Moen
445226Grondona, Emma, Emma Grondona385Choreographer
427079Grieg, Edvard, HagerupEdvard Grieg (Edvard Hagerup Grieg)388Composer
519001Hochkofler, MaxMax Hochkofler395Conductor
441272Huth, Carl, Carl Huth375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityGermany
Performance languageGerman
Further InformationReopening of a production which premiered on 3 June 1919. / Performed 29 July - 4 August 1920. / Orchestra: Leipziger Philharmonische Orchester
Event Identifier99603