Event Peer Gynt - A Musical Adaptation
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VenueMain Theatre, University Of California, 1 Shields Ave, Davis, United States
First Date24th February 1999
Opening Night24th February 1999
Last Date17th March 1999
StatusProfessional Training Schools/Colleges
Primary GenreMusic Theatre
Secondary Genre
    • Adaptation
    • Drama
    • Musical
  • Web: Ibsen.nb.no
Cabernet M. BaughActorTears
Cabernet M. BaughActorHerd girlThird herd girl
Cabernet M. BaughActorAnitra
Cabernet M. BaughActorBirds' CriesBird
Cabernet M. BaughActorA Troll
Carolyn M. BurgoyneActorDeeds
Carolyn M. BurgoyneActorWoman in green
Carolyn M. BurgoyneActorLunatic
Carolyn M. BurgoyneActorThe Newcomer’s wife
Tel HertzogActorA Troll
Tel HertzogActorA manBusinessman
Tel HertzogActorAslak
Tel HertzogActorSea Captain
Jon P. JacksonActorMads Moen's father
Jon P. JacksonActorA manBusinessman
Jon P. JacksonActorThe Troll King
Debi KernerActorA Troll
Debi KernerActorHelga
Debi KernerActorHerd girlFirst herd girl
Debi KernerActorBelly dancer
Debi KernerActorBirds' CriesBird
Jeremy KurnActorBegriffenfeldt
Antonia McCabeActorMother Aase
Brian N. MontagneseActorPeer Gynt
Anastasia NewhallActorIngrid
Anastasia NewhallActorBelly dancer
Anastasia NewhallActorA Troll
Anastasia NewhallActorBirds' CriesBird
Brian RoddaActorAn Ugly Child
Brian RoddaActorHerd girlSecond herd girl
Brian RoddaActorBelly dancer
Brian RoddaActorBirds' CriesBird
Brian RoddaActorMads Moen
Brian RoddaActorThin Man
Brian RoddaActorA manBusinessman
Brian RoddaActorA Troll
Brian RoddaActorA Sailor
Nathan ThompsonActorThe Newcomer
Nathan ThompsonActorA Buttonmoulder
Nathan ThompsonActorA manBusinessman
Nathan ThompsonActorA Sailor
Nathan ThompsonActorA Troll
Nathan ThompsonActorLunatic
Adam R. ToothakerActorWedding Guest
Adam R. ToothakerActorA voice in the darkness
Adam R. ToothakerActorThe Strange Passenger
Adam R. ToothakerActorA Troll
Adam R. ToothakerActorLunatic
Hanna WelchActorSolveig
Rob WilsonActorWedding Guest
Rob WilsonActorLunatic
Rob WilsonActorA manBusinessman
Rob WilsonActorThoughts
Rob WilsonActorBelly dancer
Rob WilsonActorA Troll
Rob WilsonActorThe cook
Rob WilsonActorA thiefFirst thief
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorSong
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorWedding Guest
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorA thiefSecond thief
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorBirds' CriesBird
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorA Sailor
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorA manYoung man
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorJournalist
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorA Troll
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorBelly dancer
Isaac Hirotsu WoofterActorA boy
Ken PrestininziAdaptation
Christopher WinslowComposer
Clare HenkelCostume Designer
Mikiko UesugiDesigner
Jeffrey BihrDirector
Peter James MeyersDirector
Leta DushyheadDramaturg
Brian M. WebberLighting Designer
Jeremy J. KurnMusical Director
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Ned JacobsonSound Designer
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationNumber of performances: 12. Presented by UC Davis Department of Theatre and Dance in association with Vector Theater Company.
Event Identifier96221