Event Peer Gynt
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VenueSeattle Civic Theatre, Seattle, United States
First Date6th February 1931
Last Date9th May 1931
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
506464Boog, BertramBertram Boog379ActorHuhu
506464Boog, BertramBertram Boog379ActorHerr von Eberkopf
506464Boog, BertramBertram Boog379ActorMads Moen
506466Bracknell, MaudMaud Bracknell379ActorMads Moen's mother
506469Garvin, JayneJayne Garvin379ActorHerd girl
506726Gilpatrick, TomTom Gilpatrick379ActorThe NewcomerSolveig's father
506726Gilpatrick, TomTom Gilpatrick379ActorMonsieur Ballon
506463Hall, DorisDoris Hall379ActorIngrid
506462Hall, MargaretMargaret Hall379ActorThe Newcomer’s wifeSolveig's Mother
506465Harris, DavidDavid Harris379ActorMads Moen's father
506465Harris, DavidDavid Harris379ActorHussein
506468Hastert, LouiseLouise Hastert379ActorAnitra
506468Hastert, LouiseLouise Hastert379ActorHerd girl
438533Henderson, DavidDavid Henderson379ActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
438533Henderson, DavidDavid Henderson379ActorAslak
438538Hersh, GertrudeGertrude Hersh379ActorHelga
506471Hirakawa, J., T.J. T. Hirakawa379ActorA voice in the darknessBoyg
506471Hirakawa, J., T.J. T. Hirakawa379ActorThe Troll King
438532James, Burton W.Burton W. James379ActorPeer Gynt
506460Lund, HelgaHelga Lund379ActorSolveig
506470Margetts, MontyMonty Margetts379ActorWoman in green
506473Oppenheimer, Albert, M.Albert M. Oppenheimer379ActorBegriffenfeldt
506473Oppenheimer, Albert, M.Albert M. Oppenheimer379ActorA Buttonmoulder
432741Rosenstein, SophieSophie Rosenstein379ActorMother Aase
506474Schram, LloydLloyd Schram379ActorA Fellah
506458Shaw, WalterWalter Shaw379ActorThe steward
506467White, Sally SueSally Sue White379ActorHerd girl
506472Winston, AlexAlex Winston379ActorAn Ugly Child
506459Wells, Mary AnnMary Ann Wells385Choreographer
427079Grieg, EdvardEdvard Grieg388Composer
506457Mahaffy, Jr., Robert, E.Robert E. Mahaffy, Jr.376Designer
438540James, Florence BeanFlorence Bean James375Director
438542Opsvig, VirginiaVirginia Opsvig377Mask Maker
506458Shaw, WalterWalter Shaw377Mask Maker
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationPlayed 39 times between February 6 - 9 May 1931. Revived and performed 11 times during the First Annual Summer Drama Festival in Seattle in June 1932. / Source: Peer Gynt / Henrik Ibsen ; translated and Introduced by Rolf Fjelde. - 2nd ed. - Minneapolis, Minn .: University of Minnesota press, cop. 1980.
Event Identifier95935
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