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VenueStaatstheater Dresden (Schauspielhaus), Glacisstr. 28, Dresden, Germany
First Date18th September 1919
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
443583Bardou-Müller, Ida, Ida Bardou-Müller379ActorBrand's mother18.9.1919, 3.12.1919, 12.4.1920
443564Bleibtreu, Maximiliane, Maximiliane Bleibtreu379ActorBrand's mother3.10.1919, 10.1.1920, 28.2.1920
445187Blumenreich, Albert, Albert Blumenreich379ActorAn official
443575Bruns, Walter, Walter Bruns379ActorDistrict captain
445304Buek, Charlotte, Charlotte Buek379ActorA peasant's young son
443569Bühler, Paul, Paul Bühler379ActorA clergyman
443909Crusius, Lotte, Lotte Crusius379ActorGerd3.10.1919
443909Crusius, Lotte, Lotte Crusius379ActorA womanGipsy woman
437777Dettmer, Wilhelm, Wilhelm Dettmer379ActorA manEight Men
445311Ebert, Walther, Walther Ebert379ActorA manEight Men
443183Firle, Luise, Luise Firle379ActorA woman
445310Gerst, Fritz, Fritz Gerst379ActorA manEight Men
429739Hacker, Carla, Carla Hacker379ActorA womanA third woman
445307Halden, Ellinor, Ellinor Halden379ActorA womanGipsy woman 3.10.1919
442072Huff, Eugen, Eugen Huff379ActorThe sexton
443567Höhner, Wilhelm, Wilhelm Höhner379ActorA manEight Men
443579Jaedicke, Carl, Carl Jaedicke379ActorThe schoolmaster
440852Leder, Margarethe, Margarethe Leder379ActorA womanA fourth woman
445301Lembach, Hedda, Hedda Lembach379ActorAgnes
444669Lewinsky, Siegfried, Siegfried Lewinsky379ActorA manEight Men
441967Mehnert, Lothar, Lothar Mehnert379ActorThe doctor3.12.1919
444481Meyer, Alfred, Alfred Meyer379ActorThe dean
440613Müller, Adolf, Adolf Müller379ActorThe mayor
445313Müller-Hanno, Otto, Otto Müller-Hanno379ActorA manEight Men
445303Paulsen, Paul, Paul Paulsen379ActorA peasant
444670Piltz, Wilhelm, Wilhelm Piltz379ActorA clerk
445067Ponto, Erich, Erich Ponto379ActorThe doctor
444771Schaffer, Jenny, Jenny Schaffer379ActorGerd
445308Schröder, Rudolf, Rudolf Schröder379ActorA manEight Men
445309Schöneberger, Johannes, Johannes Schöneberger379ActorA manEight Men
445315Seemann, Margarethe, Margarethe Seemann379ActorA womanA fourth woman
445314Weymann, Walter, Walter Weymann379ActorA manEight Men
443314Wiecke, Paul, Paul Wiecke379ActorBrand
444668Wierth, Alexander, Alexander Wierth379ActorEinar
445316York, Else, Else York379ActorA womanA fourth woman 12.4.1920
443180Lewinger, Ernst, Ernst Lewinger375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
427477Morgenstern, Christian,Christian Morgenstern378Translator
Production NationalityGermany
Performance languageGerman
Further InformationReopening of a production which premiered on 5 September 1916.
Performances in the season 1919/1920: 18 September, 3 October, 3 December 1919, 10 January, 28 February, 12 April 1920
/ Paul Wiecke was credited as responsible for the "Spielleitung" (performance management), but the direction was still Ernst Lewinger’s.
Event Identifier94891
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