Event Peer Gynt
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VenueSamfunnshuset, Litlabø, Norway
First Date31st October 1960
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
Adolf BjerkeActorThe Strange Passenger
Adolf BjerkeActorBegriffenfeldt
Adolf BjerkeActorThin Man
Adolf BjerkeActorMads Moen
Adolf BjerkeActorMr Cotton
Adolf BjerkeActorThe NewcomerSolveig's father
Adolf BjerkeActorTroll courtier
Jens BollingActorPeer Gynt
Kolbjørn BrendaActorHussein
Kolbjørn BrendaActorA Buttonmoulder
Kolbjørn BrendaActorSea CaptainNorwegian Captain, Sheriff
Kolbjørn BrendaActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
Kolbjørn BrendaActorThe farmer at HegstadA dårekistemedlem
Kolbjørn BrendaActorWedding Guest
Kolbjørn BrendaActorA voice in the darkness
Kolbjørn BrendaActorA Priest
Jorunn FjærliActorThe Newcomer’s wifeSolveig's mother
Jorunn FjærliActorA WomanA Bedouin Woman
Jorunn FjærliActorKari
Jorunn FjærliActorMads Moen's mother
Beth JonsrudActorA WomanA Bedouin Woman
Gerd Jørgensen (Gerd Joergensen)ActorHerd girl
Gerd Jørgensen (Gerd Joergensen)ActorMother Aase
Kjell MorkelActorWedding Guest
Sverre Robert NilsenActorA boy
Sverre Robert NilsenActorThe boatswainSheriff
Sverre Robert NilsenActorWedding Guest
William NyrénActorWedding Guest
William NyrénActorA Fellah
William NyrénActorAslak
William NyrénActorHerr von Eberkopf
William NyrénActorA ship's cook
William NyrénActorThe Troll King
William NyrénActorA FellahA Fellah with a royal mummy
Sigrid Anita RummelhoffActorWoman in green
Sigrid Anita RummelhoffActorAnitra
Sigrid Anita RummelhoffActorHelga
Sigrid Anita RummelhoffActorIngrid
Sigrid Anita RummelhoffActorHerd girl
Randi SommerActorSolveig
Randi SommerActorHerd girl
Jan Erik SætherøActorMonsieur Ballon
Barthold HalleAssistant Director
Finn LudtComposer
Kjell StormoenCostume Designer
Kjell StormoenDesigner
Barthold HalleDirector
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Kjell StormoenVideo
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Production NationalityNorway
Performance language
Further InformationTour in spring 1960 premiere in Haslemoen 4 May 1960. tour fall 1960 premiere in Øyer on August 22, 1960. Guest performances in Sweden in autumn 1960.
Event Identifier94457