Event Peer Gynt
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DescriptionTour opening in Lillehammer, Norway
VenueFlakstad Ungdomsskole, Ramberg, Norway
First Date9th December 1978
Opening Night1st November 1978
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Puppetry
Knut AlfsenActorHusseinPuppeteer three-headed troll, Anitra's horse, buttonmoulder, fiddler, Hussein and voice for the three-headed troll, the fiddler and Hussein
Pål Peter BrantzegActorHerr von EberkopfPuppeteer the bride's horse, troll-mountain, the cook, boy, monkey, Herr von Eberkopf and voice for the troll-mountain and boy
Marianne EdvardsenActorSolveigPuppeteer Solveig, Troll-mountain, Master Cotton, monkey, a fellah and voice for the troll-mountain, choir in Morocco and the fellah
Toril GordingActorThe actress
Toril GordingActorAnitraVoice Aase, Solveig, Woman in green, Anitra, Moroccan choir, buttonmoulder, Mr. Cotton, Monsieur Ballon, Eberkopf and a thin man
Justin GradActorPeer GyntPuppeteer
Stein GrønliActorBegriffenfeldtPuppeteer Dovre-master, Begriffenfeldt, rich man, rich lady and voice for Begriffenfeldt and the rich man
Christine StoesenActorMother AasePuppeteer Mother Aase, Anitra, girl, three-headed troll, Monsieur Ballon, monkey, Huhu, a thin man and voice for three-headed troll, girl, rich lady, and Huhu
Anne StrayActorWoman in greenPuppeteer Woman in green, girl and voice for girl and choir in Morocco
Jan Eirik SvanøActorIngridPuppeteer
Noralv TeigenActorThe Troll KingVoice for Peer Gynt, Dovre-master and the cook
Noralv TeigenActorThe actor
Ingeborg NielsenCostume Designer
Ole VestbyCostume Designer
Ella ConoviciDesigner
Margareta NiculescuDirector
Hanne RevoldMask Maker
Steinar OfsdalMusician
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
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Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationPuppet Theatre: With puppets, masks and actors
Event Identifier93074