Event Peer Gynt
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DescriptionTour opening in Lillehammer, Norway
VenueRådhuset, Hov I Land, Norway
First Date23rd November 1978
Opening Night1st November 1978
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre
Alfsen, Knut, Knut AlfsenActorHusseinPuppeteer three-headed troll, Anitra's horse, buttonmoulder, fiddler, Hussein and voice for the three-headed troll, the fiddler and Hussein
Brantzeg, PålPål Peter BrantzegActorHerr von EberkopfPuppeteer the bride's horse, troll-mountain, the cook, boy, monkey, Herr von Eberkopf and voice for the troll-mountain and boy
Edvardsen, Marianne, Marianne EdvardsenActorSolveigPuppeteer Solveig, Troll-mountain, Master Cotton, monkey, a fellah and voice for the troll-mountain, choir in Morocco and the fellah
Gording , TorilToril GordingActorAnitraVoice Aase, Solveig, Woman in green, Anitra, Moroccan choir, buttonmoulder, Mr. Cotton, Monsieur Ballon, Eberkopf and a thin man
Gording , TorilToril GordingActorThe actress
Grad , JustinJustin GradActorPeer GyntPuppeteer
Grønli, Stein, Stein GrønliActorBegriffenfeldtPuppeteer Dovre-master, Begriffenfeldt, rich man, rich lady and voice for Begriffenfeldt and the rich man
Stoesen, Christine, Christine StoesenActorMother AasePuppeteer Mother Aase, Anitra, girl, three-headed troll, Monsieur Ballon, monkey, Huhu, a thin man and voice for three-headed troll, girl, rich lady, and Huhu
Stray , AnneAnne StrayActorWoman in greenPuppeteer Woman in green, girl and voice for girl and choir in Morocco
Jan Eirik SvanøJan Eirik SvanøActorIngridPuppeteer
Teigen, Noralv,Noralv TeigenActorThe Troll KingVoice for Peer Gynt, Dovre-master and the cook
Teigen, Noralv,Noralv TeigenActorThe actor
Niculescu , MargaretaMargareta NiculescuAssistant Director
Nielsen, IngeborgIngeborg NielsenCostume Designer
Vestby , OleOle VestbyCostume Designer
Conovici , EllaElla ConoviciDesigner
Niculescu , MargaretaMargareta NiculescuDirector
Revold, Hanne, Hanne RevoldMask Maker
Ofsdal , SteinarSteinar OfsdalMusician
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
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Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationPuppet Theatre: With puppets, masks and actors
Event Identifier93033